A Blog!

I was always tinkering with the idea of a blog. But since I moved back to Kuwait I have had more time on my hands then I know what to do with it. No really I have a lot of time.. i just dont know it! So Im just going to try and put this blog together and post all the interesting things that happen and of course daily rants, and of course anything funny too! Welcome to the Z District!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. yaaaay welcome to the blogging world…. I’ll be a regular fixture here until you get mega sick of me hehehehehe

    tttssshhh zooooooooooooooooukiiiiiiii tttssshhh

  2. lol!! thats fine! Since u did a lot to this blog! hehehe.. but its going to get regular updates!

  3. yaaaay and dont u know it :P I’ll get that baseball bat if u dont :P

  4. *knock knock*

    someone was supposed to tell us about when his blog was up :P

    anyways mabrok

  5. lol! thanks people! its pretty funny I just felt like putting it up! And with ananyah’s help it came up! hehehe

  6. Kinda like a silent start of google! Those who are looking for it will find it!

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