What an amazing day!

Now this is a day to be happy about! I dont know how some people like rain or when its cloudy! This is amazing weather! I wanted to finish work so damn quick so I can go out and cruise around a bit! I had to put one or two reports together and then hand it over, and then I had to check on our servers before bouncing! But then the weather got soooooo nice! I drove down the 2nd ring road (share3 el 7ub) hehehe, then down the gulf road and stopped at marina mall for a bit! I kept the window open with some good music! I enjoy being out in weather like this! I wish I was riding my bike right now, but assuming that the weekend is gonna be like this I thought I could be patient and ride the next day or the day after that!

Out Driving


Stopped at Marina Mall


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. damn u…. are you trying to make me jealous!

    I’m stuck in the office TRYING to work (can you tell it’s working?!) and there you go and posts photos of lil Kuwait and make me homesick!

    Some brother you are!

    Arrrgh Kuwait looks so pretty *sniff*

  2. hehehehe

    Im probably gonna post some more later.. over the next coming days! I wish I could’ve been cruising on the bike! And i wish the distances were longer!!!!

  3. holla

    i spent all day driving around today, the weather is awesome. i’ll be heading back out soon. then tomorrow it’s barr day :D

  4. The weather is truly amazing and I too am taking advantage of driving around Kuwait! I was at Marina yesterday and it was amazing!

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