Where you looking?

I notice this a lot.. when guys check out girls.. and when girls check out girls! Most guys either look directly at a woman’s gluteus maximus or their chest!! So what kind of man or women are you? Women look at women in a completely different way.. they look at them from top to bottom.. then back up again.. and give em these dirty looks or these interesting looks. Guys are simpler their minds are just saying “oooohhhh” hehehhehehe..

Do girls have a specific body part that they check out on a girl? or do guys check out something specific on a chick too? Like recently i have looking at women’s noses to see if they have done anything to it! Hey thats just me!


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. mother courage

    “Most guys either look directly at a womanโ€™s gluteus maximus or their chest!! ”

    blunt but honest

  2. If guys say otherwise then they are lying or unaware of it yet! lol

  3. as I girlie myself…. I do look at women…. not in a sexual way….. I look at women’s hair and stomachs…. hair because I was looking for a new hairstyle and I loved this girls hair colour and stomach because I couldn’t believe a stomach could be as flat as I saw!

    Plus I was envious :P

  4. jasmin

    well guys are really visual, they cant help but stare to what captivate their eyes which is obviously most appealing to them

    as for me, i check on guy’s lips,nothing could be sexier than that i suppose *wink*

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