No Starbucks

I wish my deepest condolenses to the Al-Shaye3 family. A great man in Kuwait history has passed away. He is one of the men that help build Kuwait, Adulatif Al-Shaye3.

Also Starbucks will not open until Sunday March 5th, also any restaurant owned by Al-Shaye3 will be closed until that time.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. allay yir7ma, oo allah yi3eenkom with no starbucks, nice gesture

    and is it just going to be starbucks in kuwait? or all over the middle east? (does he own starbucks in the middle east? i know all of the starbucks in the gulf are his + lebanon, what about the rest of the arab world?

  2. No just anything under Al-Shaye3 ownership, any of their shops!

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