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iopenI have this tendency to arrive late to work. Which I dont think people mind that much. But I developed this tendency from working in the states. When your an engineer and working in the states they pretty much dont care what time you show up as long as you finish your projects on time, and you showed up to the update meetings. And that was pretty much it.

Also if you have to finish the project they expect you to show up on the weekends. Which doesnt happen too often, but that depends on the company you worked for. Another thing I enjoyed was coming to work in casual wear. There was one guy in our department who used to wear his pajamas at work, but I didnt know if he came to work like that because he arrived before me and left after. At least thats what I think he did! lol

But working in Kuwait is a little different. They rarely want to delegate work for some reason. Things always has to be centrelized, which drives me nuts. Since Im good at what I do I managed to get the message across that I dont show up to meetings which are a waste of my time, and I dont want to sit down and drink tea. I want to finish my work and leave! lol. And I can show up late since things dont pile up until later in the day. And traffic is horrible! So I try to come and go at odd times!

But right now Im posting because its just one of those slooowwww day, and weather is so nice I have my window open. I can hear a helicopter flying around. Sidenote I would never work for NBK the hours are horrible, and the pay is even worse. Some people might be happy about the work experience, but I will stick to being an engineer for a while. The one thing that annoys me though is having to come for a half day on thursday! Just drives me nuts! lol

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. amer

    Certain kinds of managers or heads of companies in Kuwait like to ‘be in control’ – even if they dont delegate shit, they like keeing people in their little pigeonholes doing nothing – God forbid you try to improve anything or offer productive ideas – even if they benefit the company – the manager will likely shoot anything down – he’d rather the company remain mediocre under his grip than excel and grow into a powerhouse with other people’s team work, help or ideas – those kind of managers are petty, insecure, cowardly, unable to take risks or share credit. They spend more time checking on who came in late or who is doing what than on their jobs. If something goes wrong they blame it on the employees – apparently few managers in Kuwait are familiar with the motto “the buck stops here.”

  2. I don’t have meetings yet therefore there is really not that big of an importance to have me come in way too early, and even if I was 30 mins late it’s always fine with me :P Unless I’ve got a project to follow up on :/

  3. I would love an option to go late and stay late….or such kinda relaxed environment…but unfortunately the company I work is not owned by my father!

  4. Thats true, but there are perks and downsides to working for family. I enjoyed working in the states more even though they would work you death everytime possible! lol

    Also I got real good offers from outside companies so my credentials spoke for themselves!

  5. i hate my job working hours

    i HAVE to be there for like 8:45am and leave at 5:45pm which sucks ass!

    I have to attend millions of meetings, get into conference calls daily, and have over 100 work related emails a day to get thru

    saying that… I love my job :) but it does make me very stressed out!

  6. Ananyah…you have a very +ve attitue…coz after all you said you love your job…thats the most important thing.

  7. I hate my life, the assignments, my lectures, my tutorials, my hard date assignment hand-in times that differs from one subject to another, sports teams, people that party all the time which I DUNNO HOW THEY DO IT.

    HOW can they find couple of hours to party with all the work they have to do, these buggers better not be paying others to attend their exams.

  8. Windwalker: Athletes probably get it easier from the professors. And dont worry about others just get your own act together because that is the only thats going to matter. And enjoy yourself! Thoroughly! lol

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