Nice Day!

So I took some pictures today while I was on my way to work, and then when I went to the gym from work. So Im going to go riding right now for some fun! This weather is too nice to be staying in doors!!



A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. looks just like kuwait 1975…come to think of it most of the country still looks like that save a few malls here and there

  2. Trying to identify the area but doesn’t ring any bells in my head :/ Yes I have weird bells chiming every hour on the hour :r

  3. mate…just curious…what kinda camera you have?

    also, was there anything wrong with your website this whole day? I wouldnt access it properly(html code was coming up, like site feed…but not the pages) from office….

  4. q8techdrive: Thats kind of wierd the website was fine when I was using it. And using the sony M2, its pretty good, I just bring down to size in Photoshop.

    Jacqui: Top two pictures are mishref when I was leaving my house, and the bottom picture is Al ta’awoon street, by bede3 and salwa. (just on the right is the palms security check point in the pic)

    Yazeed: I bet its hotter here these days then Orlando, but Orlando get rediculously humid!

  5. I thought the last looked familiar, but then I was like nooo not really LOL

  6. Anything that looks sunny to me then its amazing! I miss sun light.. lucky u! enjoy ur ride!

  7. Thank you! I thruoughly enjoyed the ride!

  8. mosan

    these days to spend at the chalet not @ work

  9. Beautiful days like this are a shame to spend indoors

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