The Radar Project

So I have put some thought into this, but I want to help people out who drive quick. Sometimes you know the road is empty and you just want to go quicker, but you dont know where the damn cameras are. So I am going to try to do is get a digital map of quick and plot out every camera that I know of. And everyone of them at every intersection and highway, and side streets. Any info that you people can provide will be helpful. And I will try taking pictures of every camera. This is a big project that will take a little while, but at least it will be useful for people. And I will also mention if these cameras can be rotated back or forth.

The one problem I have is I do now know where to get a good map of Kuwait. Does anyone know where I can get a good digital map of Kuwait. I really dont mind paying for the map since people will get useful information out this! And I will keep people updated on this project! I hate cameras and this is what I am doing to thwart the camera system!

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  1. try Google’s Earth Map, or you could try

    They have maps, but theyre not that great

    There is a service in the UK that does just this. You have a GPS device in your car with a receiver and it beeps when it approaches a camera… the beauty of it is that you will never get caught for using a radar, as it relies on users of the system sending updaets about camera locations that are then downloaded from the main control room to your GPS device… via the net

  2. I know of that service! There are lots of those machines in the UK. But the market in the UK is 26 million, and in Kuwait its 2.2 million. So we are no where close. And those cameras are recorded by gps location. Thats how they get updated by the net. What I want to do is get a static map and mark the spots where the cameras are located. And try attaching pictures to that for free. I saw google maps and they arent that good map wise. I dont want terrain maps. I just want graphic maps. Highway type and roads so I can mark em and then make it downloadable for people!

  3. “So I havent put some thought to this, but I want to help people out who drive quick”

    dude we already have enough #$%^& up drivers in kuwait without this

  4. Correcting now.. and thanks for correction dick! hahaha

  5. Which reminds me, I’ve got to slow my driving LOL :/

  6. the11thmuse

    when i was working on a project for uni I got a map of kuwait from BMW.. the CD for the navigation system…
    if u want a hard copy ull find them at any bookshop

  7. try

    the best thing is to purchase a Garmin Navigation system, buy the middle east map of garmin(garmin City Navigator Middle East)…download POI tool from garmin site…its free….then you can add point of interests…like camera….bump….speed limit…etc..

  8. marz… me…I have something for you, but I dont want to post it on the blog…cheers

  9. Do you really hate me calling marz? Sorry if your answer is yes…I didnt mean to offend…

  10. goodluck with the project, hope no one from il da5aleeya reads this blog :P

  11. Q8tech: hehehe no prob!

    Yazeed: Inshalla they dont see it, and if they see what can they do. Its public information.

  12. I know that feeling Marzouq, Because of my Uni and studying abroad, I used to come for a 3 week to 6 week vacations in kuwait, and spend the rest 6+ months outside, and memorizing where they were only came from actually living with them when I was a young fella back in highschool, Used to tell the driver to speed up and tell him when to slow down LOL, then used to tell him to get in the back seat and I drive.

    good old days, makes me shed a tear, windwalker style.

  13. very nice project..

    let me know where to post all the camera’s I know off to make your life easier.

  14. Windwalker: I had that same feeling back in the day.. but I just drove bil shalaihaat.. it was much easier!

    Vineeth Menon: Thanks the help is appreciated and accepted. I got a quite a few that I have on my list and I started marking them on my car’s gps as I drive as well as taking picstures. But When I put the final map up I will ask for people’s help to keep improving it.

  15. nibaq has around 50 camera location marked in his cars gps. he has all the gps points for them..

  16. Sweet! i will get in contact with Nibaq once I get all the Map details figured out! And I will keep posting about the up dates I make on this Project. Im really going to try to cover all of them!

  17. Marzooq .. email me your msn thing.

    Me and Nibaq have been working on this on and off (and i have most camera’s locations written down (by gps location).

  18. Bobo

    To avoid Speeding Cam the easy way to use Cellofin or Vegetable Wrap that transpent roll on your Number plate. then you can drive as fast as you want. Please smile at camera as it will click but your Number plate will reflect in the Camera and the number wont be readible.
    Second Option is we get a spray can for 5KD back in our country (India). spray is on the number plate. It is the same principles used as it will shine when Flash is used.

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