Im Back!

That was one of the best trips I have had in a long time!!!

I will be posting alot the next couple of days! Just so anyone who is curious knows, I went to California for two days of work and a nice two week break to spend with my friends living there! And I have a lot of pictures to post! There are so many that I have to post them! Especially the ones of the drive!

The weather there was 40% sunny and 60% rain, I spent a day and a half in Los Angeles and then two weeks in Santa Clara, which is 30 miles (50Km) south of San Francisco. I had a hell of a time! I didnt realize how much I missed my friends! And it was good catching up! Anyways I will be posting the whole travel story for you guys!

And I have reviews of movies, airlines, products, and so much more!



A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Awesome, Welcome back and I’m glad you had fun :D

  2. Welcome home!

    I went back to the US in September so I know the feelings you had cause I went through them as well! Leaving them was hard but it had to be done!

    I’m glad you had fun!

  3. Jacqui: nice to be back too (but im looking forward to the next trip! hehe)

    Stallion: thanks, yeah i know its difficult, but those guys are like my brothers! I will always keep going back!

  4. Welcome back Marzouq!

    waiting for the travelogue ;)

  5. welcome back my friend
    gald u enjoyed ur trip
    waiting for ur reviews

  6. iDip: Thanks!! I have a nice list of travel events! That I really have to get it together!

    Yazeed: Thanks Yazeed! I will put them up as soon as possible! It was a rediculous trip! And Very little sleep! hahaha

  7. welcome back!

    we want compromising pictures not some shot of a highway featuring a truck like something out of the climax of a Mad Max flick.

  8. you already knew I missed u tons! I missed u dude!

    But hey at least I managed to get those hella funny calls!

    Glad ur baaaaaaaaaack

  9. amer: “what pictures”!! Nothing comprises ME!!! hehehe

    ananyah: I dont know what your talking about!!! lol

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