Some people love it, and some people really dont like it. I really enjoy london and feel like its my second home sometimes. And sometimes its just too damn cold! But this cold was a nice change pace compared to the weather in Kuwait. On the temperature gauge outside it says 2C! But feels like -10 C!!

When I first arrived it was sunny and cold in a nice crispy way. But after walking around for a little while I was looking for warmth anywhere! lol! I forgot my scarf in my bag when I left the hotel, so I have light sweater and a light jacket which werent close to enough to keep me warm. And on top of that on the way to the hotel there were some portests! They blocked off so many damn streets! I was going nuts because were goin around in circles in the taxi cab. Didnt I mention I love the London Black Cab. I think the London Black Cab is the best form of transportation in a tight city like london, even if your traveling long distances it so damn comfortable and just popping in a mp3 player is cool! When I sitting in the back I kept drifting off and looking outside which felt cool. And I really enjoy looking at the creative ads on the buses and billboards in london!

Going back to walking outside. At one point I thought both my ears froze and fell off. I really couldnt feel them anymore. But I managed to pick up a lot of motorcycle magazines because they are nuts about motorcycles in the UK! And I went to my favorite Chinese place called: Phoenix off of Baker Street. Now thats a good chinese place! Dont tell me Peacock or those restaurants in Kuwait. It felt good to be stuffing myself! And after I was done eating I seriously felt warmer! And of course during my walk around and sitting in the back of the taxi I was taking pictures!!

I do love london! And I do enjoy the bookstores and the movie theaters there!!

The Protests!!! They blocked half the roads in the west end of london! I wasnt sure what it was about, but there was a lot of hippies and I could smell some funny stuff in the air! hehe




Some pics walking around and in the taxi! I do love the ads on the side of the buses!







A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Anonymous

    London is my 1st HOME! muah london

  2. that must have been great
    i love big cities, and london is my fav, havent been there for like 5 years now, i surely miss it,
    food in london, not fastfood, is great,
    damn i miss it

  3. Juddy Abbott


    12 hours transit in that place is more than enough… just to go to trish Mcevoy and leave as soon as possible.

    I HATE LONDON its so hectic, busy, and smells like gaz

  4. Anonymous: I agree with you, I really enjoy london.

    Yazeed: I totally love the restaurants there! The food is just amazing I keep going from one to place to the next!

    Judy Abbot: I love the smell the deisel! hahahaha I wouldnt mind a weekend a month there! hehehe

  5. I like london, but hate the people, I always go there to finish some stuff my dad told me to do, take papers, sign things instead of him etc..

    their jokes, dang out of this world!
    pessimistic fellas lol

    oz’s are like their step children, but they are so much cooler lol, much like a mix of US/UK and put some redbull into the mixture, then thats what Im talking about lmao

  6. WW: lol! Some Aussies are pretty cool, but eah the english do look down on them. But English humor is an acquired taste!

  7. tuna

    soho area is my place to be in london.. trendy rest.. local deginer for clothing and not to mention the night life and the clubing .. amazing city .. none a dull moment and very happing..

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