To Do List

1) Get Content Filter Device Working at Work.

2) Check on Mom’s Doctors appointment

3) Pick Up Motorcycle (Finish installing all parts)

4) Visit Grand Mother at Al Amiri Hospital

5) Go to Hawalli and buy some dvds to watch

6) Get some food and watch some movies in the basement with the guys

7) Sleep

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I tuck very similar looking lists in the memo’s on my phone calendar and arm them alarms :) except I don’t ever remember adding sleep to my list lol!!!

  2. Jitterbug: hahaha.. sleep is very important to me! But I didnt get the Content Filter working its so damn complicated to setup! And our network is setup in a very complex way and if I do too many things at once I know I will probably bring the network down and a million phone calls! lol

  3. Oh I had an overdose of the last one ;/

    Shame really wanted to do some nice things today :( I hate over-sleeping.

  4. Jacqui: If I had a long week.. I plan for a lot of sleep on the weekend or I pass out real early! I hate wasting the day, because in Kuwait things shutdown between 1 and 4 so you cant get much done in between!

  5. ananyah

    I need to sleep too, I swear I have insomnia!

    I also need to remind myself that I need to eat!

    I need to quit my fucking job as it’s fucking pissing me off!

    Oh and go home!

  6. ananyah: You need to have a talk with your boss and tell them that your not happy! And you need to eat yes!

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