BMW K1200R

So I came back after work and decided to wash my bike and clean it up a bit! I went for a little joy ride before going to work and it got a little dusty! lol! So Im pretty happy the way it is.. and I just parked in the sun for about 10 mins and its dry. So Im posting some before and after pictures! And if you continue at the bottom there are some more pics. I ordered these parts from Wunderlich in Germany. They are quality Carbon Fiber products and they are solid. They look very nice, and feel nice. They arent like cheap carbon fiber and I think it looks good on the bike! The funny part is I was ordering from a Germen catalogue so I had a possibility of ordering the wrong part! And I only ordered one wrong part! lol! Thank you TriStar Service Department for the clean install! Here are the pics!

The reason I name my bike Robo is because if RoboCop would ever ride a bike it would be this bike!! Sometimes when Im looking at it I think Robo is going to talk to me, and transform into human form! Just like a Transformer!








There are more pics below and descriptions below:


This screen helps me look clearly at the dials, and I can see the information clearly.



As you can see in this picture, even if the the sun is hitting full on I can see the information on the digital readout clearly.

The rear tire hugger helps keep the water and dirt on the tire instead of throwing up at my back!


The engine protection protects the engine from being damaged if the bike is dropped. Its cheaper to replace the protection then the engine parts.


This tank pad protects the tank from being scratched from my zipper or belt.


I love carbon fiber!!


Over all I am very happy with the parts! And I think the bike looks more aggressive like this!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Ooooh la la…. I’ll keep a look out for that helmet around gulf road and come back and tell ya about it :P

  2. ananyah

    such a show off :P

    go get a job hehehehe

    *hugggggggg* you know im playin’

    lub the bike!

    you should post of pic of you in ur leathers ;)

  3. nice finish
    big fan of carbon fiber myself

  4. Stallion: Alah Ebarik ib 7ayatik! Thank you!

    Jitterbug: If you see me on the road wave at me! lol!

    Ananyah: Yes I love my bike!! I will post a pic of me in my gear as soon as I go riding!

    Yazeed: I love highquality carbon fiber! Its so smooth and amazing! The perfect shine to it!

  5. Mark

    Looks good! I have the same bike.

    Does the screen offer much more protection over the sports screen?

  6. Mark: The wind feels a little different. It isnt hitting you as hard. And the Dials and Digital screen are easier to see during the day and night! i would recommend it!

  7. steven kittendorf

    Hi there.
    I was thinking of calling mine Max (from Mad Max) but the bikes too refined really. So then I thought of Jonny 5 – same shaped heads.

  8. ante

    Dude dats Freakin HOT :P:P:P::):):)

  9. steven kittendorf: Johny 5!!!! Now thats old school!

    ante: Thanks!

  10. JWolf

    Nice touches, just bought mine last weekend(silver) and am starting to look into adding some accessories. I did put on the windshield you have and noticed a slight difference in the wind as well and the gauges are much more visible. Any other must haves?

    Incredible Ride tho….in my most biased opinion. .

  11. JWolf: I would really recommend getting an exhaust system for it because the stock one doesn’t do this machine justice. Also you should change the brake levers, after market ones are so much better. Those are my only two recommendations! As you said the windshield does make a difference!

  12. tony

    Hello there, i have the same bike, just want to get some comments from you on the sport windscreen from the OEM piece and the one you order from Wunderlich. if possible, please do shoot me an email when you can.


  13. Greg

    I have low sided mine already once and the brunt of the damage was to the clutch cover. Do the engine protection bars offer enough clearance to keep the clutch cover off the ground?

  14. paddy

    hi looks great just got one same colour,
    where did ye get the parts especially the tank pads. cant find them anywhere.
    cheers from a soggy ireland.

  15. Rafic

    Great bike! I have the exact same one, with almost the same carbon fiber parts you have! It’s so cool to see an almost identical bike to mine! Salam from Beirut!

  16. great bike chum looks well. i have dark grey with silver engine etc. best bike i ever owned and ridden. to all you k1200r owners u must fit the evouloution air box kit,its bleedin awsome and transforms the bike completely.

  17. Hey Dude…I like your set-up. I got a silver and blk engine with Remus exhause, Z-Technik K12, etc. This bike is a keeper. Anybody has info on cool hand levers please share where you got them. I think I’ll call my bike “Darth” Vader.

  18. bogremez

    hi Marzouk,

    i am a semi begineer biker. A K1200R was offered to me for sale for KD 4900 with one year warranty remaining. is it worth it.

    Thank you

  19. goksu balli

    Hello , i just wrote from Turkey.ı bought same bike and was satisfied.
    On the other hand my problem is no chance to find motor engine .Can you help ? do i have chance to buy it ? where can i buy ?

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