Ghost Rider!


I dont think a lot of people havent heard of him on this side of the world. He is an unknown character who seems like a nut case on a motorcycle, but he has amazing skills as a motorcycle rider. He flips the bike back and forth. He rides a Suzuki GSX-R 1000 K5, which is one of the nimblest motorcycles out at this point in time, and also one of the fastest.

From what I know he rides around in Europe doing crazy stunts, high speed drives, and police chases. The Laws in some of the countries are that he has to be speeding to be caught. So if the police see him parked at a Deli after a failed police chase from the day before they cant arrest him. And its so funny seeing him get away from the police all the time.

He wears a matte black helmet, and a full black suit. And the Suzuki is all matte black. It has an amazing finish! Here are some of his videos:

Video1 – Ghost Rider Flying down the highways and basically causing havoc: Google Video (5min6sec)

Video 2 – Ghost Rider on the Nurburgring, an amazing track in German: Google Video (10min 29sec)

Video 3 – Ghost Rider Taunting the Law, in sweden they have to have volvos for police cars! lol: Google Video (3min 22sec)

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. eman younis

    my god you are a legend
    you have avery prave heart
    take care

  2. ={}oS= Adoobis

    The bottom line is this, he has started a myth that will carry on for a very….very long time….even after he dies there will always be someone to adorn the black leather and risk life and limb on a black bike, it doesn’t matter if its filmed or not, a ghost can’t die. For God sakes there are swedish youth that believe he really is a ghost and can ride through walls even, now thats just plain nutters but it shows the power and the truth that he IS a myth and legend.

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