How to Relax…

Sometimes you have one of those days where you want to stop, but you cant. Too much to do and not enough time in a day to do it in.

But when things come to a stop. You just want to relax. I have been running around all day building to building, driving one place to the other. Walking around looking for specific things. Going to one pharmacist and to the next looking for specific medications or waiting to pick up some.

I havent shaved for a week and a half, and Im so tired that my legs are tingling. Since I had some time I started playing some music on my laptop and I wanted to do a few things.


I set my playlist to play a list of tupac songs that I love, some are known and some are not known. But listening to this man’s music helps me relax. It really helps to unwind and I can understand some of his situations and my mind just drifts to a different place.


And before I came back to my room I went and picked up the new Gillette Fusion since Im seeing it everywhere. I really like my Mach3 so I thought I would try it out. It has 5 blades! Thats a lot, but I thought I would try it. And one blade on the back to trim a little. I got the water nice and hot. Dropped a towel in and wet my face. Got it nice and warm.

After cleaning things up just the way I like it, I went on my bed and started to watch some anime. Damn that felt good. I didnt want to move or use my brain any way what so ever!!! hehehe

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. man i have been using it for over two months, it came out on superbowl day. its much better than the mach3, its an amazing shave
    get the fusion power one, it has a battery, which make small vibrations for even a closer shave.

    and hey i listen to tupac too when i wanna relax or concentrate


  2. laziness dat is an art..
    its secrets lie in gettin others to do stuff for you.

    Achieve this superior state of human mind, & you will never have to relax again.

  3. ananyah

    u feeling better? I miss u hoe!

    Come baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

    Glad you shaved, you wouldn’t look nice looking like a gorilla :P

  4. Yazeed: Yeah this blade seems to work very well!! And I always listen to some tupac to relax!

    Vineeth Menon: hehehehe! Being lazy is always fun!

    Ananyah: I will be coming back soon! And I dont look like a gorilla when I dont shave! hehehe

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