Crazy Japanese Again!!

These guys are hilarious! There shows are just fantastic! I seriously want to go there and this is making me want to go even more!! And if Im going to go Im going to be on one of their shows!!! Especially the one with the obstacle course!! I could take all of them out!!! I know I can!! With my ninja skillz I can win the obstacle course!!!! And lead the general to victory for once!! You guys know what I am talking about!!! That show they played on KTV in the late 80s and early 90s!! hehehe

Ok all that aside!! here is the link!

Link: YouTube

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  1. loooooool
    probably one of the funniest clips i have seen ever
    i laughed so hard
    man cant we find these shows online
    the ten-ten-ten did it for me
    and it was so funny watching the students not trying to laugh, some of these guys were desperate!

    your talking about al 7i9in?
    they have it on spike tv, but the have added american commentary to it, and they have totally changed the plot, they play the same highlights, but they dont show u the ending when the two teams face off in that water gun/cannon cars thingi, they just make fun of the japanese and how desperate they are :P
    man i l0ved that show

  2. Thats the name!!! 7i9in!!! I loved that show!! I always said i wanted to try that show!!! I dont think I need to speak japanese to be able to do the show!!! Yeah I saw the Spike TV version from last year, its hilarious with the new commentary! They seriously work on it!!!

    I know the japanese shows are hilarious, im always trying to find more, thank god for youtube!! hehehe

  3. Hi! How’s it going? Thanks for that! It was in a word, hilarious! When he got to a 100, ten ten ten ten… God I love the Japanese! Poor Endo, he’s cute, ma yistahil :P

    Man, I used to be soo into 7i9in. It was amazing! Remember the rocks people had to jump on to cross to the other side of the water, but a few of those rocks would be fake? Or the the rotating platform with a plank (at least that’s what I remember) where people had to time it right and jump on the plank without falling. And who can forget the sumo wrestlers where you chose a ball and you get to wrestle a sumo wrestler depending on the color of the ball you chose. Intaw o 7a’6kum 3aad. I never really got the end though. Where they rode into tanks and whatever… ah well anyways good times lol china ana wiyahum. Take care, yeah? Laters!

  4. the11thmuse

    takeshi’s castle shakhbari! I always wanted to go on that show.. unfortunately, i don’t have any ninja skills.. but im surprisingly lucky.. so take me with u.. btw, its still aired here in England..

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