Ducati RR

It is a piece of art if I have ever seen one. I love motorcycles, but this one made me drool on my keyboard.


This is the Ducati Desmosedici RR to be sold starting July of 2007. But orders for this bike start from June 2nd of 2006, and priority going to owners of the 999R! I think Ducatis are amazing pieces of Art! You can ride it on the track, or you can just sit there and admire it! A real piece of art and technology!

Ducati built this one differently this time. I think they built a no holds barred motorcycle with every idea they had. The main difference I saw was that its not a V-Twin Engine like the rest of their motorycles. They went with a new V-4 Engine design but still utilizing all their knowledge from their V-Twin engines. There is only going to be 400 of these motorcycles made so good luck trying to get one.

More pictures can be found at the source.

Link: webBikeWorld

Link: Ducati MotoGP 

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  1. DiigMaa: I like to call it Da Vinci’s “Sex On Wheels” hehehe

  2. hehheh Marzouq I’m tempted to say something far more radical.. but how do I put this.. emm.. ba7terim nafsy :P

    check out my post “ABC’s of D”

    You’ll like what “K” is for …
    tifham lema tegraa :P

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  5. willian pierre


  6. moose

    looks nothing like the japs…..

  7. hi

    ya36eek kheera o yakfeek sharra , bas 7abeet a3aref shrayeb bel 1098 ?? ana kaan 3endi 999s o be3ta.
    wel so`aal elthani 3endek fekra 3an se3er desmosedici rr?

    o ya36eek el3afyah :)

  8. hi: I think it will be selling for around 20’000KD! Regarding the 1098, its an amazing ride. If you like the 999’s riding then you will love the 1098, amazing engine, great handling, fantastic balance! Not too much and fantastic power!! It helps you in turns telling you it can do more, its fantastic, so much traction, great engine! Just the right amount of everything! I love it!!

  9. hi

    thanx walla ma ga9art bas leesh khetheet S mako farg bas elwazn 2kg and adjustable fork, teswa farg 2000kd? :) 3ala golat ja3far el kilo ib 1000 :)

  10. hi: sara7a, there is a bit of difference between them in the ride. You can feel it around the corners. I rode both the 1098 and 1098s, when riding I felt the 1098s was tighter around the corners and firmer coming out and getting that extra feel gives you a boost of confidence. When flipping left to right it even feels quicker and easier, it flows with you. After riding the 1098s you feel the difference between the two models. Tera its all preference, you can put your own shocks later on the 1098 with the rims that you want! Both are amazing machines!

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