Usernames! Confused!


I have so many usernames and passwords, that I get really confused! The other day I was thinking and total came to about 26 different usernames and passwords. And I am so paranoid about security that I change them every couple of months. And then when I want to access certain places I havent been to in couple of weeks, it takes me a couple of trys and then I might need to do a password change and end up forgetting that new password! I wonder how many people go through this.

And I dont like using the automated login for Firefox or other programs, because I think someone will get to it. And on top of that I will really forget the passwords! I have been thinking about writing them down, but then that means somebody could find it. It keeps going round and round. What solutions have you guys used? I might try a different combination of things.

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  1. On Macs, all your passwords are stored in a program called Keychain ( that’s integrated throughout the entire operating system. All you need to memorize is one login password to unlock it. Even if someone gets ahold of your machine, they still won’t be able to see your passwords until they type in the master password (login) I don’t know if there’s a similar program for Windows though.

  2. 3baid: Im just paranoid of these programs, and what if your not at that computer and you want to access something from another computer! hehehe! Yeah i have a windows pc!

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