Laid Back Couple


What is the usual couple like in Kuwait? I was wondering that because a few people I know are married or getting married. And some of these people are bit free or a bit conservative just differing on a few things. But for the first time the other day I went over to my friend’s apartment who is newly married and his wife as out so it was safe for us to come over! Hehehe! His place was nice and simple, it needs a little bit more furniture or some simple accessories but that’s the best part! Going around and picking these things are fun in my opinion.
When I was in Marina mall on Friday around 1pm it was so much fun seeing normal people, and lots of couples without the usual riff raff that I try to avoid. I was pleased to see that it felt like a normal place unlike the usual packed full of guys type mall. And everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, and it felt like I wasn’t in Kuwait for a bit! So I think I will be visiting at these times if I wasn’t at the Beach! I’m happy to see things like this because it gives a sense of normalcy in the hectic life of a couple in Kuwait. Whenever I see two newlyweds together going out, and doing stuff it’s really cool. A friend of mine got married about 4 years ago now, and sometimes I see him and his wife at Johnny Rockets and they are have a good time. With people like this in Kuwait there is always hope things will improve.


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. yeh
    i know what u mean
    cuz most ppl tend to be “fake” around here!
    i don’t know why.
    i also love it when i see a couple holding hands laughing having a meal, talking .. u know
    anything… thats is normal natural . cute!
    it just gives me hope, that this society could be
    healed one day :)
    could be “normal”

    i liked ur post.

  2. Fats

    I know what u mean Marqouz,I met my friends husband at a wedding,you could see that they are very much in love and happy.It creates a very nice atmosphere……………and i really wanted what they shared with someone someday.

  3. no3ik: Im happy you liked the post, I was just thinking about it when I was walking around trying to pick up some stuff. I usually try to go to places at odd times to avoid the mass’s, but its hard doing that with work.. Inshalla with time this society will normalize and be happy

    Fats: Im honestly just happy seeing people happy, if they are married, together, or the person is just single. If I see a person sitting at starbucks just reading a book or on their laptop enjoying themselves then thats cool. O inshalla you will have what you want!

  4. This is a break through.I’ve been noticing this myself but at first it didn’t seem normal to me something in me kept saying huh!

    ‘Im honestly just happy seeing people happy ‘
    that’s a really good positive atitude

  5. This post gave me hope after The Don’s Post :/

  6. “so much fun seeing normal people”

    I know what you mean; the atmosphere totally changes and you feel right at home. It’s good to see more families and couples going out as a group as apposed to scattered, unsupervised reckless mobs.

  7. Orange Juice: Yeah Im happy people are starting to come out, and having a positive attitude is a must to survive in kuwait! :)

    DiiGMaa: I was thinking about this the other day so I was surprised to see the timing of my post and his.

    3baid: yeah at least you dont feel uncomfortable around these random mobs of guys who just walk around for hours with nothing to do.

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