Water Investigation


I knew from discussions with other people that Kuwait is a facing water shortage and an electricity shortage. Now I keep hearing more and more, and I know of people where the water has cut off from some houese. So for the past week I have thought just to keep tabs on this and see where it goes, because this is an immediate problem and it will affect our everyday lives.

So the list of areas where people have told me the water has stopped in their houses:

  • Bayan
  • Dahia Abulla Al Salem
  • Qurain
  • Surra
  • Rawdah
  • Misseela
  • Fahaheel

Some of those areas are where multiple houses have been affected. Then I read the other day in the newspaper about these water tankers being sold for 20 to 25KD for the whole tank on the black market. Those used to be 3.500KD and 4KD. So that is a drastic jump from what it used to be. But I saw all the water tanks saying they are selling for 5.5KD which still seems reasonable. So what I did for past three days is call the number on a tanker and ask how much a tank was and they always asked me for the area. So twice I mentioned Mishref, once Shuweikh, five times Nuzha, and twice Shamiya. Out of all those phone calls the one from Shuweikh, one from Nuzha, and one from Shamiya qouted me the black market price. This was just calling around and seeing who is doing this! They are doing this so blantantly! Just saying it on the phone, and it doesnt seem like anyone is doing anything about it.

The problem is that our water and electricity facitilities have not been updated since the late 70s or early 80s. And our population has grown two fold with our usage has grown with it. And now we have reached this crisis of water shortage and electrical shortage, with no surplus of either. And it would take another 2 or 3 years to build a water facility or eletrical facility so we will be facing this problem again next year. This is going to be an interesting year or two, I hope they see and find a solution quickly.

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  1. sknk

    apparently the shortage has been worsened by people not paying thier water bills or electricity bills. and we’re not talking small amounts,… we’re talking millions of KD worth of backdated bills which would otherwise make those departments self sufficient, where they can improve the infrastructure. population increase is a big part of it tho as is the development of areas before theyve been properly planned out like south surra.

  2. The water shortage is actually due to the update and maintance of water facilities. They had planned to do this during the summer months due to a majority of the population being gone by mid June. Yet the parliment elections changed that and they had to go through with it.

    Also most of our facilities have been updated after the invasion. If the Iraqis couldn’t steal it they broke it. So a lot of it was replaced. The only thing that is from the 70s and 80s is the water piping system but as you notice that is being totally revamped.

    I personally thing this is a good thing. Now people will converse water and tell their servants not to pour it out in the streets.

  3. Sknk: I agree with you that one of problems is that they are not paying their bills. But the problem is that there is no penalty for not paying your bills! that is the biggest problem! If you dont pay your bills they should cut the water! Thats how it should be! That is what should happen! People think the government will clear their debts from the electrical and water bills. If they cut the water or power until they pay up and something reasonable not 12 years worth of bills, because that would be the governments fault. Then the people will pay up.

    Nibaq: I hope that is the case and they finish updating! The problem I see is that they are not charging people. But hopefully this teachs people a lesson. Kuwait is the country with the lowest amount of water surplus. I agree with you that its good that people learn from this and think that water isnt for free! That is the problem people just know the value! And they should really charge the people!!!

  4. Hiya Z District!

    Just the other day, I posted about the water shortages too! I am glad I am not the only one addressing the gravity of the situation.

    You’re welcome to check out my version of the topic.


  5. Improvements to our water system right now will only serve as a temporary fix! Not a complete solution to the main problem!!

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