Crazy Game! USA vs Italy

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I dont even know what to say after watching that game! Red and Yellow cards were being handed out as if it was a damn Uno Game! And even when real fouls were made they werent called. And that wasnt the USA team that was playing from last time! It is a clone of the team, but developed as bionic superhumans who are capable of playing against the Italians. They held out even though they were one man down! The Italians were in bad shape I dont even know how many off-sides they got and some of their players are going to be nursing their injuries for a while! They were both playing hard, and I was sitting on the edge of my seat, but I thought Italy would win easily! This has been the craziest world cup I have ever seen. Now the Czech Republic is leading this group with points, and Italy have to beat them even though they are a tough team. Well I dont even know what to expect from this group!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Mayari

    Group ? :P hmm.. I like NONe. I use to like Italy like waaay back win I was LIL’ but not anymore!!
    ‘m cheering for Ecuador :P

  2. We wanted 8-0 remember :/ Bloody hell I hate Zaccardo now!

  3. Mayari: Ecuador is good, so is Spain, Portugal, and Argentina. I like watching their games!

    Jackie: Yeah seriously! I thought they were going to cream them, but they held out!

  4. italy still leads this group.. yes a tough performance from both teams.. the americans were soo fast.. i give them full credit for such a fast fast pace. but they were shooting all over the place no target clear enough. and come the second half approaching to end, italians were bombarding them with hits. i think the americans were like: we got nothing to lose, what more can happen to us!!

    at least.. they are living up to their rank.. : 5

  5. oh.. and italy only needs to get even with the czechs.. shouldnt be too hard.. they are kind of good at that :D

  6. vintage: Thank you vintage for clearing that up! I wasnt sure what was going to happen!

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