Laptop Demise!

My laptop has been acting funny the past 4 months. A bit of acting here, and some tweaking there and I get it back in shape! But now it has gone too far as to interfere with my Anime viewing! My computer has had a bit of a problem with its speakers the past couple of weeks, and thats what I watch my Anime on at night. But the speakers clear out after a bit of watching! But now the computer says I dont even have speakers! I tried reintalling the drivers with no real difference! Ran a couple of fix programs and nothing has fix!And I have had this laptop for 1.6 years! And I put this laptop through a lot! For a while I was traveling so much that it became my main computer! But still!!!
“Off with his head”

Now Im really feeling the black MacBook!!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. You have a Mac? I dont know why people keep buying those, honestly my freinds’ Macs seem to always crash. I have an IBM and I dropped it on the ground right before my final exam in May. One side of the screen came off the hinge and you could literally rotate it away from the keyboard! But, beleive it or not, it actually worked during the final exam NO PROBLEM. Now that’s quality for ya!

  2. Switching to Mac was one of the best decisions I made in my life, believe you me. Its flaw is that it won’t play videogames but I’m not bothered by that cuz I prefer home-consoles to PC games.

  3. Yeah, i myself have been thinking about getting new macbook (white one). The prices are very affordable and a pretty good computer overall.

    Yeah, im with Fallen Angel on this….i play all my games mainly on my home console (PS2 – PS3 soon, or maybe XBOX360). I dont play games on the PC anymore.

  4. i “should” get my macbook today.

    hopefully i dont pay customs
    hopefully i dont end up with a lemon

  5. 3athem allah ajrek ;p

    Macs are flawless. I’ve dropped my Powerbook, it’s been through several battles. Even in a rage I threw it against the wall. Dented, but surviving. I use it to test new stuff. Python coding & such. Screwed it up so much.
    Yet it’s a survivor. Never once had a crash. Unless a badly coded program goes insane on me of course.

    IBM laptops suck. I quit using my brand new one issued here at work.

  6. ZinZinQ8: I dont have a Mac! Its my laptop, Alienware laptop that is acting up, and its been through a lot. I have say probably more then most laptops! I have a desktop PC for gaming, and gaming consoles. I wouldnt need the Apple for any type of gaming

    Fallen Angel: Its seems that is what I am going to feel when I get an apple laptop, its only a matter of time.

    Justin: Yeah the prices are really affordable, it seems you get a lot for you money. I just hope there arent any problems!

    Mark: Take pictures when you open the box and all the stages!

    Mini R: everyday the apple laptop keeps looking more and more apealing.. but getting a black apple laptop makes me feel like less of a traitor to my pc heritage! lol

  7. Dudes .. let us stop talking about the mac/pc debate .. this will never end..

    Marzouq what anime are you watching right now..

    For me it is :

    Ergo Proxy
    Black Lagoon
    and fate night stay

  8. im using IBM, and its pissing the crap outta me! I demand an MacBook as well!

    Zouk.. that can be my graduation gift mwahahahahah :P


    actually I’m not joking!

    *no shit I really am joking*

  9. Ananyah: Hell No! i will get the MacBook for myself! U can kiss my ass! hahahahahaha!

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