Baby’s New Dimension

I came back home tired from my little morning excursion, and all the damn meetings I had to go to! Did I mention I hate meetings!!! I came home, went up stairs and I saw my little nephew, but he didnt see me yet so I hid automatically. Just to surprise him! I took the chemaq off, emptied my pockets, and washed my face.

Then I tip toed to the living room, and his back was to while he lay on the floor, and my sister in law sitting on the couch watching me. Then he turns around and smiles! So of course every little ache and pain in my head and body suddenly went away. I started playing with him. And I gave him this shopping bag that he was flapping about, and then he smacks its. While he was sitting on my lap he would bite it and enjoy it! Then i could tell he looks up at me and smiles and says “entertain me”, so I took the shopping bag and tore it down the middle. And the look on his face was priceless. It said “ooohhh its bigger, its different, its newww, I have discovered a new dimension” all that from the look on his face.. and then he started laughing. I was laughing, because he was laughing shaking the bag like crazy and kicking around since he was entertained. My sister in law said I just entertain him for 20 mins and he is laughing and giggling, but she is with him all the time and sometimes nothing! lol!

After that I put him on the floor and he kept shaking the bag, then suddenly he stopped and had this serious look on his face. The look of extreme concentration. I was wondering what he was thinking about. By this time he was closer to my sister in law, and then he smiled since I was smiling. Then she shreikhs “shino haathaaaa” hehehehe.. then he was giggling! He pooped to his hearts content! And he knew she had to change him! hahahahahaha! I was really really laughing my ass off! And he was giggling and she was pissed at both of us! Of course I help her change him, but it was hilarious! Its as if he was doing this to drive her nuts! He knows I pretty much dont mind anything he does! lol

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. extinct-dodo: I made of admantium on the outside, and jello on the inside for the right person. And that little guy is the right person!

    Stallion: Thank you, I cant wait for him to grow up and then buy him toys and teach him how to fight. The funny thing is I would do exactly the same thing if they have a girl. Buy her toys and teach her how to fight! lol!

  2. ananyah

    that kid loves to poop on you!

    how adorable!

    3amii Zouky!

  3. MZzzeee:

    ya gaaaaaalllllbbbooossshhh il babyaaaat !!!
    yetraba ib3izkom..

    o I’ld baby sit anytime :P I have my twin nieces that I always spoil with toys and teach them how to fight :P

  4. Thats so cute. Inshalla you’ll get hitched soon and have a kid of your own to change diapers for :P

  5. Don’t see Jesus my cousin, he’s a nuisance but I love him to death, he has the cute devilish look, you should see him when I come to my Aunt’s place and say hello hehe he smiles so widely and practically runs to me :P Hehehe he is a naughty boy though :P

    Going to be hell for the ladies though with such a cutie :P

  6. Ananyah: This time he pooped while he was sitting on the floor… I just accelerated it by bouncing him around! lol!

    DiiGMaa: Mashkoora, but he is hilarious! Ya36eeny wayed wayh! lol!

    ZinZinQ8: El alah Katbah inshalla, bes Im enjoying being the uncle right now! hehehehe!

    Jacqui: I cant wait for him to start running! lol! I bet he like you because you let him do what he wants! lol

  7. it’s so much funny when they poop..

  8. Pearls: Yes! the concentration is hilarious!

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