Robo for Service

I woke up really early this morning to beat the morning traffic as well as avoid the scorching heat because I was taking Robo in for a his first service at 1100Km. I also had two more carbon fiber pieces to be fitted to the back, as well as a little bit of tweaking to be done. I havent had a chance to ride since that last time out. And I like riding when its sunny, but not hot as hell! So I went to fill up gas, because it was empty from my last ride and off I went to Shuweikh. The weather wasnt bad, and I was enjoying myself. Since the first two songs that came on my mp3 player were Will Smith -“Just Cruisin”, and Biggi ft. Bone Thugs – ” Notorious Thugs”. I was really enjoying myself, and said this is the way to start off a working day. Even though it was 7:30am.



I got there with no complications dropped off the bike at TriStar Motorcycle Garages in Shuweikh. Which needs a cosmetic redo. Because this garage doesnt fit the look of the bikes they sell! It will take them about two days to finish everything and Im in no real hurry so I didnt mind. I told them to take their time and do what ever they need to do. I dont want to drop the bike off again! So off I went home, changed and now Im at work. And I got here at 8:30am! Did all that and still got here on time!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Cute UAE

    This is my first time to comment here. I’ve enjoyed reading about the bikes adventures in your blog. From my name, you could tell I’m a girl -duh! However, I really enjoy desert biking during the afternoon, visibility is excellent, wind is perfect, and especially if your in a group!!! 6ab3an…desert biking is different than cruising on highways….however, the Ducatti is such a hot babe! ;)

  2. I guess the only time you will get to ride the bike this summer would be at the butt crack of dawn! ;oP

    I love that time of day especially if I get enough sleep and wake up fresh!

  3. i have been thinking and i think u need a new helmet. somethng that silver and black to match your bike. its the only thing that is bothering me at hte moment lol

  4. Cute UAE: I hope you enjoy more of the stories Im going to post. Got a few more of California, and upcoming trips Im trying to organize to Barcelona for a track session there! I love riding, and I know how you feel about riding in the desert! What do you ride?

    Laialy_Q8: Thank you!

    Stallion: Yes I had to get up at the crack of dawn, but it was easy since I knew I was going to enjoy what I was doing!

    Mark: Dont worry I have a Matt Black Scorpion helmet on order with a black visor, but its taking sometime to get it! hehehehe! And of course black jacket, black pants, black shoes, black gloves! Only thing left is to hear the knight rider theme playing in the background! hehehehe!!

  5. Cute UAE

    My cousin’s Banshi!! …but this year I’ve had a chance to go for a night “chilli” drive…freaky…but it feels like u’r on a galaxy roller coaster! ULTRA SUPER!! Haha!..but very dangerous!
    Barcelona is lovely!!!! Don’t miss Puerto Olympico…the sea food at there restaurants is AMAZING!…and ofcourse Paella with tobasco :D Enjoy Puerto Aventura…hope it is still as amazing! ;)

  6. Cute UAE: Your nuts! I love the Banshi too, and I enjoy desert riding, but there is something about being able to ride for hours and going through highways, coastal waters, moutain twist, while your on the edge of reason and insanity! Exhilirating feeling!!! I havent been to Spain since 1994 or 1996 but Im going there for a two track day training on a CBR600RR. Im really looking forward to it! I still have to finalize details though!

  7. Cute UAE

    I can feel that exhilirating feeling! I’ve done cross country biking (riding a bicycle)…past the meadows, lake and down the hill in EXTRA VRROOOOOMING speeeeed! It was fun in Vancouver and Austria. Now if I enjoyed the “exhilirating feeling” during that……..I can imagine the THRILL and Adrenaline rush u get on your bike.
    ALLAH yi7fathk wu yi7fath eljameeeeeeee3! :D
    I haven’t been to Spain since 1995, enjoy your track day training!

  8. Cute UAE: U should get on a sport bike one day. And you will enjoy yourself emmensly! It so much fun, and you feel like you and your bike are one! O inshalla things work out for Spain! hehehe!

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