Fun Night

So my cousin’s wife was out with the kids, and my mother was having people over so I decided to go over to my cousins house to watch the soccer game, and I brought my psp along to play an rpg game together through adhoc. Whats funny is that he is 35 and Im 24, and have been playing games together for over 15 years! From Twisted Metal, to Final Fantasy 3, and so many other games. And his cook makes a mean chow mein that I cant stop eating!

We started playing the PSP game against each other, and he beat me a few times and I beat him a few times. His character was more of a brute type in the rpg and mine was faster stealthy type. He would kick my ass in one on one combat. The game was fun as hell, but then we both went into one player mode trying to level, just before the game started.

We watched Saudi get annaialated by Ukraine, and we watched as Tunis put up a good fight against Spain, but lost in the end. The Saudi goal keeper was horrible, and he couldnt stop any ball. I felt like I was watching a Qadsiya vs. Kathma game! But that aside dinner was on the table, and we put the last episode of Stargate Atlantis that we have been saving to watch inbetween the games! And damn that was a good episode!

I went home tired, but it was a fun night! I really enjoy nights like those!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Men who are gamers and over the age of 30 are rare to find!! What game were you guys playing anyway?

  2. Fallen Angel: The reason you dont see these guys is because they are all couped up at home play WOW or other online games, and arent bother to go out of the house except if it is for work or leaving kuwait! LOL! I will be posting about the game soon! And the upgrades to the PSP!

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