Review: Speed Grapher


Plot Summary: Ten years after the Bubble War, the dichotomy between the rich and the poor in the world becomes more prominent and Japan is no exception. The rich seeks to satisfy their desires and derive pleasure for themselves, and Tokyo has materialise into such a city as a result. Saiga, once a war photographer, works for Hibara Ginza in the capitalist state of Tokyo. He infiltrates into Roppongi Club, a secretive base located in the red district area of the city, to collect information about them. However, he was caught in the process and brought forward to a girl called Kagura who was in the midst of a ritual. His contact with Kagura awakens his special ability: the power to make things explode once photographed. In order to unravel the mystery behind the Roppongi Club and Kagura, Saiga begins his solitary battle.

This is a slightly dark anime which goes into the depths of a person’s desires. It starts off with Saiga as a solitary type person, who has a knack for amazing photographs. At first it was a bit odd, and I didnt understand everything going on. But one thing I was happy for sure, that I had all the episodes downloaded by the time I started watching it. After the third or fourth episode I couldnt stop watching this anime. I kept watching it late into the night! The character is amazing, and the story line is extremely creative. Everytime you watch an episode you have more and more questions, and the mystery of his powers and how these are develop keeps you going. And through all the battles you want Saiga to win. Its a very deep story that a lot of people will enjoy.

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Rating: r4.01.bmp

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  1. Cute UAE

    It seems like a mind boggling anime. Call me a kid….I loved Kare Kano (His and her cirumstances), Inuyasha, Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle.
    Its lovely when u watch it in Japanese with the subtitles or in Arabic, but it is UGLY if it is in English! They lose the sound effects!!!!!!!!!

  2. Cute UAE: I agree totally! I love hearing it in Japanese and then reading the subtitles! Its amazing, but I cant listen to the english sometimes! Sometimes they have a good dub, but sometimes it sounds like they got all the english speaking people from Texas! Its rediculously horrible! Thats why I love reading the subtitles.. only a few animes have a good dub!

  3. Cute UAE

    hehe…….keep up with the Anime reviews!! …I’m making a list…my holiday is sooooooooooooooooooooon :D:D:D:D
    …have u heard about FREEJ? check out the demo on…

  4. Cute UAE: Holy crap! That Freej is hilarious!!! I have a lot of reviews to make! I just want to put them together right! To give people as much info as possible!

  5. Cute UAE

    oooooooh!!!! I love video games, but i’ve lost track because of studies and crap…yesterday on my investigation mission to update myself, I’ve discovered this update..I don’t know how old is this…….but I really wana play it on a large TV screeeeeeen with the lights off and my friends around with junk food!!
    ULTRA FUNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!
    They really messed up after Super Mario3, but I think they knew their mistake……….ULTRA MEGA WEGA FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    …I wonder if I can use the “1-Up” sound effect as my sms and some ring tones too!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Cute UAE: I havent completely gone through it yet, but it seems like its about 4 women in a fareej (neighberhood) and they are some funny characters! they have been working on the new supermarios to make it for the launch! So hopefully they did it right this time! The best SM was for N64 for me! hehehehe!

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