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I download a lot of anime, TV series, and other stuff using torrents. I download so much that I need to keep my torrent client open for many days. And after a while I get all that I wanted. As you can tell from the image above I download a lot and I have a lot of tabs open on firefox!
I have tried different BitTorrent Clients:

ABC Torrent

The best one I have found with all the updates is Azureus BitTorrent Client, it seems to get downloads quick and make sure things are working great. And you can configure the settings down to the packet size being downloaded, and many other custumizations. And it has a lot better interface then most Torrent Clients, and it gets update regularly and runs on Java.

It also has some really useful plugins. So If Im surfing and using my bandwidth Azureus has plug-in called autospeed which caps the speed on the downloading and uploading. So I would be surfing without any problems. There are regular updates for Azureus, and its always being developed further.

It supports Windows, Linux, and OSX. And their wiki is extremely useful with all the details of how to solve networking problems.

The only problem I have is with my linksys router. To be exact its the WRT54G, and its a router I have had for a long time, and I do like linksys routers from using them in the states, and the features they provide. I forwarded all ports which are needed for UDP and TCP to Azureus through the router, but there are still some problems I face with it. Even if I set the computer with Azureus as a DMZ it still has some problems connecting with certain details, but never any problems downloading. It alway downloads everything perfectly.

I think it is the best Torrent Client out there and I think people would like using it. But there is always room for improvement. That is why I gave it a 4.5 out of 5.

Update spelling changed from Azueres to Azures thanks to CyberRowdy
Link: Azureus

Rating: r4.51.bmp

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  1. Azureus ROCKS! I’ve been using it ever since it was in beta.

  2. Mini R: I have been using it since beta as well, and every update makes it better! Seriously its fantastic!

  3. i use bitcomet…itz pretty decent.. too lazy to try the others

  4. Menon: You should try Azueres! Its so much better! Much stabler and more features!

  5. i love it, ive been using it for a year, simple and organized, i have used others but azueres is the best

  6. Yazeed: I agree its the best!

    CyberRowdy: At least it doesnt hang if you leave it on for a long time!! And yes my spelling was wrong! hehehe! Thanks for pointing it out!

  7. I use Azureus so much they asked me to donate LOL!

  8. Azureus is packed with features, but is also resource intensive because it runs on Java. Have you tried uTorrent? That app can run on a USB drive and is only a few KB in size! For Mac users, I think Transmission is the best (aqua) client so far.

    Btw, check your Firewall settings (both router and Windows) and if you have Norton Internet Security, you need to work out some settings there too.

  9. 3baid: Yeah I used uTorrent a few years ago, but its a bit slower at download speeds the Azureus, and I agree it is resource intensive, but when you have two gigs of ram every runs very smoothly. I have checked my firewall settings back and forth. I use Zonealarm and everything comes through fine, my little issues seem to be with the router!

  10. Marz…Just do an app:port forwarding on the router to Azur port…

  11. CyberRowdy: I’ve done that a while back for both TCP and UDP for all the ports that I want, but Azureus specifically says that it has issues with this router, but I like this router because it works for distances! I dont mind really because its working pretty damn well these days after I fiddled with the zonealarm details! And Im probably gonna upgrade the firmware soon on the router so hopefully that helps! hehehe!

  12. Utorrent works perfectly fine with me , i just download all the torrents i want and fire em um in Utorrent sit back and finish my other work, the cool thing about U is the ability to specify the download/upload rate on every file on it’s own. The other clients i have tried would apply the download/upload settings for all files.

  13. fractal: you can specify the upload/download per file in Azureus, and it has a lot of features and support! But Utorrent was working too well for me, and it would time out for some reason. But Azureus worked flawlessy! :)

  14. and yeah…you mentioned about ZAP…please tweak that one as well…coz I am running the same config and got no issues…so pls check zap

  15. Marz…I am not after you and my blog spellings are also wrong most of the times…but I just noticed that when you posted the update:Update spelling changed from Azueres to “Azures” thanks to CyberRowdy….spelling is wrong? ohh no…may be my tired eyes are lazy…LOL

  16. CyberRowdy: dont worry Im just giving credit for fixing my spelling mistakes! hehehehe! My ZAP works fine with any other router.. it seems really to be this specific model. I have checked the Azureus wiki and they mention that this router is trouble for Azureus, but maybe a firmware update would be useful! hehehe!

  17. ooops you mentioned already that your fiddled with zap…

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