Yes Portugal Yes!!!


They did it! They earned it! Well played! Ricardo is a great goal keeper and he saved Portugal! This was an amazing game I was on my feet so many times! I was supporting Portugal and my mother was supporting England! At the last shot I was jumping up and down, and then I was kicked out of the sitting room! I am so happy they made it! England played well, but Portugal played better! I still jumping up and down! My brother called my mother to rub it in as well! This was just too great a game! England just didnt have it in them to go the whole way in this world cup from the start.
Time to watch Brazil destroy France! (Well Im hoping for it!)

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. ohhh i love that picture of my *sighs* love, cristano ronaldo…i love him, love portugal…i am soo happy they made it…:)…inshallah they make us proud in their next match ;)

  2. hey france must win!!!!

    I lub france

    vive la franceeeeeeeeeee

    and yes chritiano is a hotty!

  3. LOL France will destroy brazil! Or there is no god on this earth LOL!

  4. your battlefield: I want them to win!

    ananyah: I will kick your ass because of France!

    Jacqui: You shall recieve an ass kicking as well!

    no3ik: Thank you.. I hope they go all the way!

  5. It was a good game.. while I was rooting for Portugal, England put up a good game and I kinda felt bad they lost.. but I didn’t feel guilty that Portugal won! :D

  6. MSB: I agree I was extatic for Portugal, and I felt bad for England too!

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