KDD after a Hot Day



This did the job after being outside for a while roaming around! I wanted something to hit the spot! And damn this did the job, as you can after posting this there is nothing left! hehehe! I call it the gold cone! But there is another type of KDD ice cream which I like more, but I will posting about old school ice cream at a later point! hehe!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. ashwa ineh i just had a small slice of cheesecake. otherwise i’d be drooling by now after seeing ur post! from now on, i’ll make sure i always have a snack BEFORE checking ur blog.. mango, gold cone, what next?!

  2. Hey I used to eat the chocolate kdd cone everyweek of last year’s summer and occasionly the vanilla one honestly I think Kdd has the best icecream in the gulf and since am a big icecream fanatic I noticed uae’s Igloo icecreams are given the title of best icecreams in gulf I totally disagree what bout you?
    I mean have you tasted igloo’s vanilla it taste more like milk and cream .
    Am not really craving for icecream at the moment am actually drinking some k.d.d apple juice

  3. Jewaira

    Mmmmm…ishtehaitah hal thahabi!

  4. MSB: dont worry Im all over this kind of stuff! hehehe!

    Extinct: NO! lol!

    Orange juice: I agree I think KDD has the best in the gulf, I have tried other.. and PETRA tastes like crap!

    Jewaira: hehehehe! Yabeela! hehehe!

  5. ta3aaal you didnt tell me.. did you go to that danish bakery i told you about, in yarmouk??

    im pigging out on their mini strawberry shortcakes right now :P heaveeeeeen

  6. extinct: I will check it out when I get a chance! hehehe! I havent gone there yet! It better be good!!

  7. Jacqui: Your bad! hehehehe! Its and icecream cone! It aint sorbet.. you could work with sorbet.. but this is a damn icecream cone! Dont ruin it for me! hehehe

  8. Fats

    I love the silver cone :)

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