Nephew 2.0

So my nephew has been growing! And he just makes me laugh!

I think I am still one of his favorite people! hehe!

– he can bite and it hurts, but i still let him bite my finger
– started doing the army thing and pulling himself across the floor

– loves playing with my chimaq or dishdasha when its on top of him

– he loves playing with newspapers or any paper.. he wants to it into his mouth

– he isnt on all fours yet

– he laughs when he poops, because I know he is saying “somebody has to clean me! hehehehe”

– i do the american indian thing to his mouth and he wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo

– likes to chew on N70s, N80s, and my 6280

– my keyboard is big big toy with lots of toys attached to it

– we have very serious conversations that involve “brr brr weaaahhh brr brr ba ba ba ba barrrr hehehehe brrr geeee geee brrrr”

that is all for now, updates shall be following.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. when it comes to babies putting muck in their mouths, i think i was the worst :|

    i have baby pictures of me sucking on batteries (i still do that sometimes… gives a weird tangy taste :p), pictures of me eating rabbit poop (prolly thinking they were maltesers or something LOL!), strangers hair, dragging my tongue across the carpet, you name it, ive stuffed it :P

    i got a baby cousin who loves the whole sa3a bite thingy.. with extra drool and all from whoever was biting her :p

    allah y7af’9ah oo y5aleeh lkom :)

  2. LOOL he laughs when he poops! challim galbaa heheheeee

  3. it feels as if he’s my son ! i cannot believe you kidnapped my kid

  4. re-write that zouk… HE LAUGHS WHEN HE POOPS ON YOU!

  5. Fats

    Kids do seem to love paper.My nephew loved it when we showed him how to tear paper.Just keep your important papers away from him after that.

  6. extinct: LOOOL!!! Mashkoora! Yeah he slobbers like everything is his property! hehehe!

    ZinZin: LOL! yeah he does!

    judy: LOL! he is funny!

    Pearls: Amoot 3alaih!

    Cece: Mashkooraaa!!!!

    ananyah: lol! NO!

    Fats: LOL! we didnt show him yet, and Im going to let him discover it on his own! hehehe!

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