Tons of Meetings!

I have been through 4 meetings today which have taken up 5 hours of my day. And I have one hell of headache!

Some meetings were good, and some were annoying! I get annoyed with people wasting time! Nobody can arrive on time! I hate it when people are really late for no reason! Its not like I dont have anything better to do! And I had to go to three different places for the meetings! And damn its dusty and hot outside! Cant a guy get a damn break! Seriously!

I get annoyed with the guys who are so full of themselves thinking they are geniuses when in reality they are clueless and cant do a thing! They should be slapped across the head! Dont you guys have those days where you just want to go on a rampage at work! That was my day! I needed to punch someone! But who! hehehehe!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Fats

    Take a break……….have a kitkat :)

  2. Lo26aa

    if u wanna punch someone..u should go back and punch the one who was on the phone with his fuckin Camry:P

  3. Fats: I did! hehehe!

    Lo26aa: I wanted too, but he had a look of fear on his face, I wanted to punch the cocky guy who was late! hehehe!

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