I dont know about other people, but I work 5 & 1/2 days out of the week. Its annoying as hell to lose your thursday! I got used to having a full weekend when I used to work in the US. Saturday and Sunday were off! It was great you could do a lot of things!

And people who work for banks say they work Thursdays too, but then I say “YOU GET SATURDAY OFF!!”. hehehehe! Thursday is the slowest possible day in the week, and there is a status meeting that we have to go to that I find useless! I can email you a report damn it!

Im looking forward to getting off in a few hours. And down with France! I am with Italy! That game was annoying Portugal should have won, they were playing better! Viva La Italy! I shall take the frustrations of work on France. And I still need to finish some reports before the damn meeting! lol

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Lo26aa

    TheGaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaT KhelG :( ufff sheno hal Q8..Ween nrooo7 ..Noum..Dwam..Food..BS wut else!?!?! shensawwy..

  2. Lo26aa

    Sorry …Out of topic

  3. Lo26aa: wala ana ma3aak o fahim! Sometimes there isnt anything to do. O tera isnt that much of topic! hehehe! Its about work over all! hehehe

  4. moe

    I don’t know why you are complaining but here in the us i come back from work like a zombie and its the same sort of situation my co-workers.Its hard for me to believe that you work that hard in kuwait as you did in America .No way at all.

  5. moe: when I worked in the states I would easily do 10 hours a day programing or finishing off projects, even if your sitting at computer, your getting work done. In kuwait when your in pointless meeting or your in the heat you get worn out pretty quick, if you have meetings in different places, and you have to be exposed to the heat, even short periods of time, you feel fried. And I have worked in both the US, and in Kuwait so I would know how it is from that point of view. Also Having one day off instead of two days off makes for a very big difference, you have saturday, sunday off, I only got friday off. So I only sleep in one day of the week. All together it makes a difference, and I would recommend you try working at any bank in Kuwait and tell me if its easier working in the states or working in a bank in kuwait. If the government is lazy it doesnt me the private sectors are lazy.

  6. CyberRowdy: See thats exactly what Im talking about! Sleep in Thursday and then do things from Friday! Wish I had that!

  7. Cyber: hehehe! How bout just on thursday? hehe!

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