Laptop Shock Therapy

Since my last laptop post things have change only today.

I tried switching my laptop on and off a couple of times and no sound. So I came to accept that I will never hear any sound on my laptop. But today after coming back from the Shalaih I decided to switch my laptop on, and post while sitting with the family. And to my shock the sound was working.

Im guessing it worked because it was dropped a few days ago! hehehe!

But I still think Im going to get the MacBook, but only after August 7th since they are going to release the new OS! (Thank you Jackie for the info) And donation help from Yazeed! hehehe!

I think my laptop has a mind of its on, and I think he is wondering when my patience will run out and I will drop kick him!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. They are not going to release it… just preview it. It will likely be released in one year.

    The only new computers planned to be rolled out are the large Power Pc.

    I would still heed Jackie’s advice. They will probably upgrade the chips in the current line-up. But that is just speculation.

  2. lesson # 1
    never to listen to jackie, she give false info
    lesson # 2
    never listen to yazeed, he doesnt give out money, even for charity cases like the case at hand
    lesson # 3
    there is no lesson 3, it just looks better having 3 instead of 2

  3. u just reminded me of a laptop incident that happened to me a few years ago in the States. i was in the kitchen, walking out.. grabbed my laptop and FORGOT that i had the wire plugged into the wall. i tripped over it, my laptop flew from my hands.. luckily, i didnt fall and i caught my laptop before it crashed! My heart, on the other head, not only did it fall to the ground, it rolled out and hid in the fridge for a while!!! :| talk about a CLOSE CALL!

  4. Dude .. ahh the good old days when i had to bang my laptop around for it to dunction properly .. i remember 5 years ago when i had my aging dell, The dvd rom used to work only if i open it/close it in a certain manner … plus i still remember how my sound went out on the laptop and i could only hear music by holding the headphone jack in a certain way all the time.

    MSB:- Bwahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha … i can certainly imagine that happening to you .

  5. Misguided: I think they will release it because of Steve Jobs Key Note speech! they always do something crazy after the Key Note speech! And that new OS is CRAZY! hehehe

    Yazeed: lesson 1) not learned 2) not learned 3) not read hehehhee

    MSB: LOL! I know what you mean! Now I always unplug before I do anything! When I did that i broke the power plug in the back of my laptop and I had to have it fixed!

    fractal: Now it DUNCTIONS! LOOOL!!! when a computer is dying it dies piece by piece! lol

  6. well apple are always ful of suprises, the suprises are as follows :
    if u think a lot of new stuff is going to be released, you get a 0.5 gb nano
    if u think nothing of it, u get a new Mac Pro (power mac) and new OS, a new look MBP, new colors on MB, video nanos, and a 30 inch imac.

    always have small hopes, so u never get disappionted :P

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