I had to pick up some bed sheets, a duvet, pillows, and pillows cases for the shalaih. Basically everything needed for a bed, and IKEA seemed to be a good place to pick that up. Someone told me I would find all that stuff on the ground floor! So I decided to go last minute on Thursday before heading to the shalaih since I didnt have a chance all week.

One thing they have a problem with at IKEA is the lack of parking! Really very little parking what so ever! I know they are building a HUGE IKEA at the new mall the Avenues, but I hope they have covered parking included in the equation! So I was driving slowly just to give people time to get to their cars and just my luck when I turned the corner I managed to find a parking spot and parked! I know I pissed off a lot of people behind me because I was driving slow but I didnt care! hehe!

There are two primal urges that I have when I walk into IKEA! Two very strong urges which are hard to resist! One is to eat all the freshly made corn cobs! Damn it smells so good, if I was full I would suddenly become hungry! I dont know what they have in them but damn it smells amazing! Secondly I want to jump into that ball room with all this kids! I dont care! I want to dive in head first so that I could hide underneath all the balls while I wait in fear of someone who will jump on me or I could scare somebody half to death rising out of the lake of balls like a monster out of a lagoon! hehehehe!

When I got all my stuff I was happy find out that I could get a discount with my NBK card. This is how I found out. Cashier “Sir do you have an IKEA card” Me “No, but I think I could pay with my NBK card. hehehe” Cashier “Ok yes that can work also Sir, Thank you” Me “huh?”. Then I got the 6% discount after trying to be funny! hehehe!

And the bedsheets and all that I bought came out to be just right!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Ikea will be moving soon to a new better location, that really big mall on fifth ring road, it should provide you all with the parking you desperatley need :D

  2. DiiGMaa: Im hungry as hell, and I have had 5 glasses of water and I want more now! lol!

    fractal: we shall see how it turns out! But I think they are just opening another location, they are not closing the Shuweikh one, too many people know it!

  3. I love their hotdogs. Yum.

    Your “hehe” probably did the trick. I can imagine you hehe’ing..suits you :P

  4. What sucks is when u first walk into IKEA you are greeted with an amazing freshly baked goodies smell. But you cant buy anything cuz you are not allowed to eat inside and by the time u are leaving ikea you dont remember the smell anymore..

  5. I love Ikea.

    Mark I’m always eating something while I’m shopping at Ikea, good thing no one ever stopped me.

  6. I want IKEA :( We don’t have one in Bahrain… our market is TOO SMALL for them!!! Don’t they know that I alone will be all they need for a market?!

  7. Mini R: I shoudl try it sometime! And the laughing thing worked! hehehe

    sexygoba: Gonna try it at one point then.

    Mark: Screw that. I would buy it and walk around.

    Pearls: Keep doing it!

    Stinni: Its not moving, they are just opening another showroom at theAvenues towards the end of the Fifth Ring Road.

    MSB: LOL! hehehe! Bahrain too small for IKEA!

  8. I don’t get out much, so where exactly is the new mall ?

  9. I passed IKEA the other day and I think I saw a sign that said that there was valet parking? Free b3ad, am I right? If I am, atleast they’re aware of the lack of parking space. W like you is said, this is temporary. But still annoying ;p

  10. I love Ikea too!
    And yes, I get the urge to jump in with the kids too :P Didn’t do it though – yet!
    But I make sure I grad some goodies before i leave though, can’t resist the smell!

    And for some reason I always crave the “makeea” icecream whenever i go there!

  11. Stinni: Its at the end of the fifth ring road onyour right! You cant miss it! Its HUGE!

    FilmGirl: there is no way in hell I am giving my car to valet parking in Kuwait! Its suicide! You have no idea what they do to people’s cars! I have seen!

    Dishevelled: I want to jump in there and then get some corn as i am leaving, but niether ever happen! damn it! lol

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  21. “there is no way in hell I am giving my car to valet parking in Kuwait! Its suicide! You have no idea what they do to people’s cars! I have seen!”

    There are some places I wouldn’t give my car to the valet as well.. bas c’mon ;p they cant be ALL that bad ;p

  22. Filmgirl: they are all pretty bad! I have an idea about valet parking, and they do some crazy stuff to your car!

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