Bike Gear Update

Scorpion Ex-700!


After all this time I just ordered the Scorpion Helmet in Matt Black! Just so Mark could be happy! Hehe

I have been looking for someone with this helmet in stock for a while now! But at last a friend of mine found a place which stocks it in South San Jose, but I had to wait two weeks because they were out of the tinted visor. Now that they got my friend sent it to me! So my helmet will match the rest of my gear and I also asked him to pick up an Alpinestar Air Stunt Jacket because it would make it easier to ride in the heat! I got the black and silver one, so just replace the blue with silver!

Now I just have to wait for the delivery! I couldn’t find an online retailer because this brand is relatively new. And if your going to order online make sure its a helmet you have tried and know you want! Because its what’s going to be protecting your head!

I love getting new gear!!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Or my FujiFilm S9500 Digi Cam that I still have to get familiar with! :oP

  2. Cute UAE

    Slick design! Just to match your black matt toy ;)

  3. Stallion: i know what you mean I love getting new things! Im thinking about getting the DSC-H2 from Sony! But waiting for it to go down!

    Cute UAE: hehehe Thank you! I like the Matt Black!

    Mark: I knew you would like it!

    Fats: Thanks!

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