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So its been getting hot as hell in Kuwait and my 15 KD tint was just not doing the job! So i decided that I needed to upgrade the tint on my Landcruiser to something that can do the job and keep me cool to a certain degree. My SUV is sitting in the sun all day long, at work there is no covered parking, and its parked outside at home so you can imagine how “toasty” the steering wheel and gear stick feel like. And its takes a little bit for the car to cool off, about half the driver to anywhere! hehe! So I decided a few weeks back to go ahead and get a real tint which stops the heat and keeps the car a few degrees cooler. And there are four places in Kuwait, and here is there information

I was asking about two things a full tint for all the windows, because it doesnt matter what degree. You can have it clear or a little dark, or completely dark. And I was also asking about frontal protection, they put a layer of plastic across the front of your car which keeps it from getting scratched. This is really useful, beca

Sun-Less (Its still under construction, but some info is there)
150 KD For full tint (time: 4 hours) (Lifetime Warranty)
140KD Frontal Protection (time: 4 hours)

150 KD Tint (time:6 hours) (Lifetime Warranty)
130KD Frontal Protection (time: 1 Day)

160 KD Tint (time: 4 hours) (10 year warranty)
140 KD Frontal Protection (time: 2-3 Days)

(I couldnt get a hold of them, there number with Kuwait Yellow pages was incorrect number)

All three of them have very clean garages, so you pretty much go by the small price difference or by the attitude of the people working there. Most the people were very nice and explained all the details. And they explained why they needed the long times, which I understand if they are going to do good work.

I went with Lumar since I was happy with the person I was dealing with, and they do the tinting inside the showroom. So now that the Landcruiser is completely tinted it feels a lot better. The car feels a bit cooler inside and the seat isnt burning anymore like it used to. The steering wheel and shift stick are still hot, but I can hold on to it, but overall they did an amazing job. It looks as if there is nothing from the inside, but from the outside its seems its like its lightly dark. I dont like the tints where its pitch black, this is just a light tint overall for the whole car.



The difference between the high quality tint and low quality tint is two important things. One the clarity of the tint itself, low quality tint you can see lines or scratches in the tint and its shows that its dark on both sides, meaning if you get a dark tint it will look dark from the inside. The high quality tint is clear so you dont see any scratches, and because of the higher quality it seems as if you have no tint or a light tint from the inside, but from the outside it shows a much darker hue. Also the most important part is that the higher quality tint protects your car from the heat, and that is something the low quality tint does not do.

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  1. I think I need to get one of these too, the sun is really burning up the leather seats n steering wheel in my car. BTW, is there any ‘legal’ issue regarding these tints here in Kuwait?

  2. I use llumar too .. have it on two of the cars. Great stuff.

  3. tell me.. if i do that.. that’s trouble free with respect to dakhiliyah?

  4. yeah i am curious also, isnt there like a law against tinting?

  5. nice write up Marzouq….

    if i end up tinting ill follow your lead – one disadvantage tho for ‘swinging bachelors’ such as yourself – you wont be seen clearly by the fairer gender

  6. Cops haven’t given me any problems, and my car is fairly dark.

  7. Sabah: there are a little bit of legal issues if its really dark. I took my car to Fahs Al Fany (Police Check up) and they said its fine, as long as they can see inside which they could

    K: yeah they are really good!

    Vintage: its no problems what so ever. Im telling you as long the tints are relatively light then you wont have any problems.

    Mark: Its not that much of problem as long as its all light!

    amer: you should do it soon! Who cares about the fairer gender when your getting cooked alive inside your own car!

    K: I agree with you, as long as it isnt pitch black your pretty ok. They are lenient about it.

  8. “Who cares about the fairer gender when your getting cooked alive inside your own car!”


  9. Rahul

    Hi People!

    If you are looking for V-KOOL in Kuwait, ther you go:

    Contact no: +965 4821 4213
    The showroom is in Shuwaik area.

  10. Mohd

    LLumar is establishing new location in AlRai area, just behind Avenues Mall……

  11. Mike L

    It’s not worth paying all that money to save your car from heat here in Kuwait, because the stupid cops at the Traffic Department insist on removing this tints.

    Good Luck to all who tint their cars here in Q8.

  12. Layal

    Seriously, in my search for tinters in Kuwait, and especially between Lumar and Vkool, what you posted was the most helpful. I have tried Vkool for years now and it’s amazing, but I want to try a new one ;)
    thanks a million

  13. Cars should be tinted especially in the countries like Kuwait where it is very hot. The driver can drive well if the temperature inside the car is fine.

  14. V-KOOL Kuwait contact details

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