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I read this article about solutions to the last mile problem in the US. And the idea that is being proposed is very practical, but it has its ramifications as mentioned in the article. And i thought it would be fantastic if the Co-ops in Kuwait would think about this idea. Because the Co-ops in Kuwait make a gigantic amount of money. If they would take it upon themselves to upgrade the fiber-optic network in each of their respective areas then we wouldnt have to deal with the ministery of information’s crap.

The way they would get the revenue back is by taking a fee from the ISP for usage of their fiberoptic for each user on the network. So 0.500KD per user on a monthly basis, and this would be consistent income and a rising consistent income. They would get their money back in no time. And that way every area would be independent of the other, we wouldnt have to wait for one area or the other. I think that would be a fantastic idea. But I know this really wouldnt happen in Kuwait, because there are too many complications and then too many people would want a piece of the pie who wouldnt have anything to do with it. But in reality this would help solve a lot of problems! Its just a reworked idea to fit Kuwait from the article.

Link: ArsTechnica

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  1. I work in the telecomm field and this is my opinion:

    Fiber is too complicated of an install for Kuwaiti homes. It would take to long and too much money too completely launch a fully working fiber network to the homes. However, the issue in Kuwait is not the money, its the people behind the money. Installing fiber optics requires engineers and educated installers, it is quite fragile (basically made of glass).

    So what can alternatives can we do with the last mile connection? Wireless

    There are many alternatives to fiber in terms of a fast and stable network. WiBRO, HIPERMAN and WiMax are a few of the up and coming technologies.

  2. K: I know what you mean by the people behind it. From Marks blog there where Australians installing FiberOptic down Al Khaleej which seemed to be a good thing. But the problem with setting up Wimax and other wireless solutions is the Ministery of Information. I have ran into this problem a lot! We have access to WiMax towers, but the Minister of information keeps telling us that they cant be used because they will interefere with their systems even though the specs dont even interefere with any of the bands they are using.

    If they dont understand a technology they just ban it! And thing for me thats so annoying is that they could have built the fiber optic infrastructure in South Surra before giving it to people to be developed! They keep screwing things up! One person making a decision that somebody else changes the next day! It drives me nuts!

    But I thought if the Co-ops get involved it would be a good thing since they are part of the area and would like to see improvement and more money coming in!

  3. The real question is .. if they actually launch fiber to the homes, whats the point?

    Television is being delivered through our satellite systems. Telephones are shifting to mobile, with extended services. And the internet costs too much to fully utilize a fiber connection. DSL can go up to 8mbps if the line is good .. yet 2mbps costs 280kd a month!

    Wataniya has begun launching HSDPA on their networks (in theory it can go up to 10.8 mbit), we will probably be looking at 500 – 1mbi in the first stages. It is available in Kuwait city and most major malls, full coverage by end of 2006. MTC is also testing their network.

    The future of Kuwait will be in the hands of the wireless companies.. MOC has created to many limitations for fixed line companies to expand with the current technology.

  4. auh, that last mile problem

    you have a point and what fun it would be to have FIBER

    i hope this dream comes true SOON

    Dear Santa,

    do u think you can help?


  5. K: I agree with you the MOC has caused nothing but problems since 1980! We have only been going backwards! But if they lay the fiberoptic infrastructure, our phone conversations would be over the fiberoptics and so you wouldnt have to wait for them install a line they just add it.

    The wireless service in Kuwait are moving forward pretty quickly so Im happy about that! I just hope they get the HSDPA running soon!

    Laialy: I wish soon we can get it up and running! But time will tell if it even happens!

  6. HSDPA is up and running .. provided you have the right card for support. It works in Kuwait city, major malls and most locations that have a starbucks.

  7. K: I waiting for all kuwait coverage so I can get it working bil shalaihaat! that would be fantastic! But I will give it some time to roll out!

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