Tired As Hell

I couldnt sleep last night because of the boost of energy I got from the game last night..

And then calling the people who were supporting France took sometime, and also the craziness that was going on in the streets. It was as if it was 8pm not 12:30am.

And on top of that my voice is slightly gone, it sucks to be at work right now. hahahaha!

Im drinking 4 glasses of water an hour just to get my voice back! hehehe!

But still Viva La Italia!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. im coming to work only to collect all the bets i’ve made of the losers

    viva la italia… i really think its time to go to italy now :p

  2. vintage: I agree I think a trip to Italy is greatly needed! Right now! lol!

  3. Have a cuppa herbal tea. Like Camomile, or Jasmine.
    Then when you get home, light some candles around your bathtub, drop some bath pearls into it and put on something smooth on the CD player like some Coltrane, and slip into your hot bath, inhale the sweet aromas and rellllllax! :-)

  4. fuckin piece of crap! France deserved to win!


  5. The Grenadine: That would be nice, but I think that is not possible in Kuwait.. somebody will knock on your door after 10 mins and ask what your doing.. and you will get a million phone calls.. and need to visit family… I will probably pass out later on in the day!

    ananyah: Kiss my ASS!! hahaha!


    Italians deserve the win ;P And we did :P Bowahahahahaha, LOSER FRENCH! :P

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