Zidane vs. Materazzi

If anyone was curious as to what went on between them well you can just check the link, and see for youself. But this still doesnt justify the headbutt, and the French can complain all they want like usual.

Link: Reuters

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. i heard on the bbc this morning ( i love how this font !!) that zeidanne himself will speak up in a day or two.

  2. Cute UAE

    Tough enough Marzouq!
    I scream out “Zainedine Zidane: You played like a STAR!…..WE LOVE YOU Zizoooooooou!”

  3. Cute UAE

    Merci le bleus!!!! :-P
    Merci Zizou!!!!
    We’ll miss yooooooooooou Zidaaaaaaane!!!

  4. vintage: I know what you mean, Im curious to see what he will say.

    Cute UAE: LOL! they wont reverse the worldcup because of it, but Zizo will be in a tough situation.

  5. Cute UAE

    Hope Zizou thinks of it like that..
    “Been there! Done that! and I’ve ended it in the most unique way! That no one will ever forget it!” May ALLAH be with him and give him strength to enjoy it!
    Don’t know if u’ve had that feeling at high school, u tend to skip classes just to not regret that u didn’t skip a class!

  6. sexygoba: gonna be interesting to see what happens

    Cute UAE: I know the exact feeling! U just dont care! hehehe! But we shall see what happens over the next couple of weeks! And I used to love skipping classes!

  7. moe

    WEll marzouq you may not be aware of what was said to zidanni. I am sure if something of that nature is said to you,you’ll be mad as a lion.

  8. moe: I agree with you, I would have socked the guy just like Zidane, but the thing is. Im not a professional soccer player that is getting paid millions, and representing my country at a world sport venue with billions of people watching. That is a big difference and a bigger responsibility.

  9. Cute UAE: either way … im curious to see whats goign to happen!

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