Bierut Personel Update

I have been on the phone with people back and forth the past day and half. Some of my friends have family their as well, and my friend had his mother their by herself, but Im happy to say that she has arrived in Syria as of 8pm Friday night and he is in better shape. Yesterday he wanted to fly to Syria and try to get into Lebanon because his family left the day before her, and then the airport was bombed so I can imagine how he feels, but Im happy things are slowly working out with people’s family.

I spoke with my father a few times trying to figure out how things are there as well as a few friends who are there. And from what I know people are trying to leave Beirut and go to other areas for right now. My father with some family members that he has found out about are going to try to leave tommorow morning. And Im going to try to keep tabs on him every few hours. My cousin is there too but she is leaving with her friends’ family so she is leaving. Its going to be a hectic day tommorow. But Im confident that things are going to work out. O inshalla this seige of Lebanon stops soon.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. 7imdillah your folks are alright.. inshallah kilhom yrdoon bilsalama… allah y7afi’9hom

  2. palestinianphilosopher

    things are going to work out all right. with hizballah declaring open war on israel, the israelis are gonna get their butts kicked big time.
    god bless hizballah.

  3. Reader

    Couple days ago you wrote a post abt Shia’s and how they’re the worst ppl & that you’d kill ur self if you were born a shia.. now you say God bless hizballah!

    Shut your mouth for God’s sake will ya!!

  4. If Hizbollah could kick Israels ass they would have done so already.

  5. BTW, marzouq, update me on how they were able to get to Syria. Nat is supposed to leave on Sunday and she is still trying to see how.

  6. extinct: alah ya7futh al jamee3! inshalla!

    palestinianphilosopher: Hezballah aint going to do crap! Israel cant get their butts kicked!

    Reader: well said.

    Mark: hezballah cant do crap! I agree with you! And check your email.

  7. Mark. its arranged by kuwait embassy. my family will be moved to syria on sunday and fly via demascus to kuwait.

  8. Greenwhite

    marzouq i dont understand, r u supportin israel now? are you that shallow? you want hizbollah to lose their battle? i never met you but i can tell your just as shallow…ignorant and unfortunatl you dont know where your best interests are

  9. moocherx

    it’s sad when anti-israeli commentators start to make personal insults. I think that rather says a lot about the Hizballah cause and its supporters.

  10. bro…wats the latest update on dad? is he fine? he is coming today? gods grace, everything gonna be fine….my prayers with you and your family for his safe return….

  11. Man… let them escape to jordan or syria (jordan preffered)

  12. D: they are slowly moving people out.

    Greenwhite: let me make myself clear for you, I dont support Israel, and I hate Hezballah and all those rightous muslim extremists! This is my understanding of Hezballah, they are ok with Lebanon and its people getting hurt for their cause. If they were really fighters for a real cause they would go and fight Israel instead of letting them bomb Lebanon. And they are the parasites funded by Iran, and Syria. You dont see the Syrian or Iranian military doing anything about it. greenwhite the only ignorant person I see is you, and since your so anti-Israel how bout you go off to south lebanon and try shooting a couple of them instead of sitting behind a computer and acting all tough about it.

    moochrex: I agree when they have to go to personel insults.

    Cyber: I’ve been trying to call, but it aint going through! Im going nuts!

    Moey: Let them just get out!

    vintage: alah esalmik!

  13. mosan

    I hope they get home safely

  14. naz

    Mr. Marzouq, my reply to Ms/Mrs. Rampurple was as “decent” as hers. I don’t see why you should stick your nose where the sun doesn’t shine just to prove that you’re defending. Please, mind your own business, and just focus on how your family is doing. Thanks in advance.

  15. naz: I can pretty much say what I please, just like you do. And Im defending his comments because I read your comments. And personel attacks on a persons family on his own blog is probably the lowest of the low. Im not sure where your from, but it sure doesnt sound like your from Lebanon. And my family is none of your business. When its your blog, I will mind my own business thank you very much. Haven’t you learned if you havent got something nice to say then dont say it at all. You can give your opinion without being an ass about it.

  16. Greenwhite

    unfortunatly for you marzouq Hizbollah is fighting and it has been fighting for 20 years, i am not a “muslim extremist”, israel is the real enemy, we will have to deal with it sooner or later. it is sad hearing this from a supposed arab,but unfortunatly you have been brainwashed. The only way the arab people can be proud of themselves is if they fight back. and for your own info the only people who oppose hizbollah in lebanon are the maronites who would rather see israel control lebanon than hizbollah. Israel didnt invade lebanon to rescue the soldiers, it did that to reoccupy the south and pull iran and syria in a war. how do you make sense of 8 soldiers killed till now, in order to rescue 2? i hope your father will get back safe.

  17. greenwhite: thank you my father will be back tommorow. I am just taking this from a realistic standpoint. The reason Israel is attacking is because it has warned the Lebanese government of Hezballahs actions and to do something about them. I have not been brainwashed, I am just stating things as I see them. And Israel was slowly pulling out of “some” palestinian lands. You saw them pulling their own people out using their own military. That doesnt seem to be people who want to go to war. And from every lebanese person that I am speaking to, and that I know .. they all want Hezballah out, because their actions are costing Lebanese lifes, and at the expense of Lebanon. And their actions are back by Iran and Syria. That is how they are getting their weapons. Even if the arab nations unite we all know Israel has enough nukes to wipe the middle east out, and the US is backing Israel. There have been enough deaths that I think people just want peace. And I dont think any Lebanese person wants this in their country. They already went through decades of civil war, so I know they just started to settle down over the past couple of years for this to happen. I hate the actions of Israel and what they do, but they will react if provoked. You dont see Iran mobilizing their army or navy to attack Israel. Its at the cost of Lebanon. Tell me what these Hezballah soldiers are proud of? Are they proud of the anguish and pain they are bringing the lebanese people? are they proud of the opening they gave Israel to attack Lebanon. I just hope for the sake of the Lebanese people that this ends quickly.

  18. naz

    Marzouq: I don’t see what you’re still on about. When you come knocking on a door (in your case, when you come shoving your nose up people’s asses), you might as well get an answer. It’s quite simple. Reading a comment doesn’t give you the right to interfere and make things worse just to stand out and look like a desperate friend. It’s simply non of your business. You’re just being yourself I guess, a true idiot.

    If that’s how you view things, then why are you even arguing about my posts? Offensive? The 2 posts, and you claim you read 1 of them I guess, that got deleted were of equal caliber from that of Mark & rampurple. She brought it to herself, just like what you’re doing right now. If you guys reply with respect you’d save yourself a whole lot of humiliation. And you’re all pitiful for that.

    Mind your own business, keep your mouth shut (or don’t type what you can’t handle) and your life would be much easier. Respect others, or else you’ll get flamed just like now. Lesson learned? I (and many others) can only hope.

    Oh and by the way, I am Lebanese. Cheers. =)

  19. naz: its very simple in my opinion if you want lebanon to remain at war then please go ahead and support Hezballah, from what I could tell before Hezballahs actions Lebanon was in a better condition. Because of them the infrastructure of lebanon is bombed back to nothing. And for being a lebanese your pretty much an idiot, and my opinion the only thing you can do is sit behind a computer and flame. Since you really cant do anything about whats going on. If your really for Hezballah and support them please go ahead and help them get both the Israeli soldiers out of Lebanon and into Iran. Since your flaming like a two year old who cant get his point across then thats fine. Please go ahead and keep flaming away (or typing away). How could I respect someone like yourself who is such a Moron, I think your point would be better served if you strapped a bomb to yourself and walked into Israel. Since you will be helping Hezballahs cause. And I speak up for a friend when he is being flamed by a moron. If you dont stand up for your friends, then your basically no good. So I make it my point to speak up.

  20. naz

    You seem like you need to learn a whole lot of things in life first to be considered a sane human being. So far, you’re only proving to me that you’re one worthless animal. You need much more than that to tick me off. Your post just shows how much of a kid you really are. No wait, “stupid moronic” 2 year old kid. :D

    You talk a lot from your ass, really. I’m amused of how much of irrelevant crap can you put together. It takes some skills to come up with all that. You shall be applauded my friend. You can’t even speak up for yourself, how dare you speak up for your claimed friend. You just put yourself in deep shit, and make matters worse for yourself and your friend. It’s pretty obvious why you need to suck up anyway, you don’t seem to have many friends. Someone like you would have a numbered amount of friends I bet. I feel sorry for them.

    Grow the fuck up, and rest your case fool. Haven’t you had enough already?

  21. naz: well you seem to have learned nothing in your short life. And crap is what seems to be coming out of your mouth. Then your right on the dot about things happening in your country. So please my friendships shouldnt stop you from your supporting your distorted views of what is happening to Lebanon. So please keep preaching your case. And if you want your country decimated please keep supporting Hezballah. Whats sad is that I want Lebanon to be free, and I hope no Lebanese gets hurt, but you seem to preach the support of Hezballah. For the sake of your country men I hope they get out of this as soon as possible.

  22. naz: in the end its this simple. You pretty much like to flame, and if its your criteria to do so, then do as you please. And for someone who has friends and family who are in lebanon I worry for them and I blame Hezballah. Thats as simple as I see it. Israel is wrong and should be out, but the case is Hezballah is what gave them the opening to attack. And if you support them without any doubt then go ahead and do that. I just hope that the people in Lebanon are freed of this seige soon. Hezballahs actions have cost Lebanese and other lives for no reason.

  23. Muneera

    Marzoug is a very good friend and person, unlike what u r accusing him of naz. Listen darling naz i truely believe that everyone has some good in them and I’m sure that this is not ur best self that ur displaying here. The situation in lebanon now is very sad and has overwhelmed everyone. If u just stop and really think about this war or any war for that matter, trying to pick a side is never gonna solve anything nor bring peace back. We just have to realize that the governments (and i mean all governments; in this case i intend to generalize!) are greedy. Money and power are all that’s on their agendas. And who pays the price? The innocent people of course do. We can’t say that the Lebanese civilians are the only innocent ones in this particular war, Israeli civilians are suffering too. Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Syria, Iran, the US, and any other country that might get involved, all have one thing in common, and that is that they have on the one hand leaders, warlords, theifs or cowboys or whatever u wanna call them pick, mix ‘n’ match for all i care, and on the other hand the people of these countries who’s voices are never heard! Ask any one from any country in the world if they would like their country to go to war and the answer will be no definitely. People don’t want this chaos they don’t want death and terror they have enough to deal with anyway. So I urge everyone to stop picking sides and wasting their energy fighting over whose side is better or doing the right thing. Humans are dying on both sides. These numbers u see on the news are not just statistics these are mothers daughters fathers sons and brothers all dying or being scarred for life physically and mentally, for no justified reason coz nothing justifies pain, harm, or murder. ( 60 dead 100 wounded Lebanon then 20 dead 2 soldiers kidnapped Isreal, and ppl forget these r ppl and start hoping for equal numbers on both sides like that’s a good thing!!! This ain’t no balance sheet these r real people ya bashar!! Fighting and killing is never right! And do u really think by yelling and swearing at each other ur gonna convince one another in what u believe in? Instead be polite be true Muslims or Christians or Jews or ppl of any faith coz they really all teach the same basic lessons, good behaviour how to love for all mankind what u love for urselves. Calm down and think about the situation. After that, if u have something to say to someone say it in a civilized manner. We all want peace and that’s our main concern. In order for us to attain that goal we must look at the root of the problem and not shout in each others faces coz at the end of the day we’re all victims of these wars and we should make our voices heard, not to each other but to the leaders; those leaders who sit safely and order young boys and girls to go kill and get killed. They gain power and money, we suffer and worry, and now even fight, if not in battle fields, on the internet. This is a waste coz i’m sure that all these arguments stem out of love in the first place; love for our countries and our loved ones. We end up fighting each other and no one wins. We mustn’t fight we must unite under one human race protect each other and let our governments know that we don’t want any of this coz we’re never getting anything out of war. Nothing at all but great losses and all sides lose.

  24. Muneera

    Marzouq aka zouk sorry bout that ‘g’ in ur name lol but its coz i pronounce ur name in the kuwaiti accent. n u know me lol cant spell if my life depended on it!
    peace and just thought i should say ur blog rocks! see ya!

  25. Muneera: U rock! :) your words are very true! and you can say my name any way you prefer! LOL!

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