Beirut Update 2

I have been on the phone all morning and afternoon checking on my father and other family members. They have exited out of Lebanon, and they were at the border for 2.5 hours. Everything went ok. Some family will be arriving today, and my father will be arriving tommorow. Im just calling to confirm and check flight details, and how things are going along.

Inshalla Lebanon and its people will be ok. I think of Lebanon as one of the greatest places in the middle east, and one of the nicest people. I hope for things to be resolved quickly. I hope that there will be as little casualties as possible. Galbhum 6ayib o alah ye7futh’hum.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Extinct: thank you! o inshalla everyone’s family is alright!

  2. Bad(er): alah esalmik! Im glad as well! O im still checking up on other people who are stuck or on the way!

  3. :/

    Allah ya7fith-hom inshallaa o eredoon bisalammah

  4. Laialy: alah ya7futh el jamee3 inshalla! Mashkoora! :)

  5. Allah Ya7f’6 elJamee3 Enshallah & Return them safely home to their loved ones;
    wEnshallah everything clears up soon in Leb with the least amount of casualties. Ma yestahloon.

  6. Hope all your family and friends arrive safely.

  7. FilmGirl: inshalla! O inshalla this ends soon 3alashaan sij ma yis’tahloon!

    Jewaira: thank you!

  8. il7medallah that ur dad and ur family exited lebanon.. 7medallah 3ala salamata oo inshallah yereeedlikom bilsalamah!!

  9. BellaColor: mashkooraaa!!! alah esalmich!

  10. I hope they come back safe and sound.

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