Beirut Update

My father is now in Jordan he made it out ok. My grandmother came in last night from Syria after getting out with my father. My Uncle, his wife, daughter, daughters’ children, and 3 other families with them in a bus made it out across Syria just a little while ago. And my friend is asleep in Syria right now after the hectic day trying to get across. And Mark’s wife Nat has just crossed the border. I hope everyone’s family comes back to their homes safely. Thank you everyone for your kind words, and I hope everyone’s family is safe. I hope this war ends soon.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. What about the people who have family in Lebanon who don’t want to come back! family who say that where they are is safe and nothing is going on and they do not and will not come back to Kuwait so that they can “enjoy” their time there like they planned!

  2. Stallion: I do not understand why they dont leave. its as if they want people to worry about them. i just hope they remain safe. It took a lot of convincing on our part to get some family members just to leave lebanon.

  3. moocherx

    In Thailand, the Mulsims are blowing up the Buddhists like there’s no tomorrow. yet millions of tourists still flock to areas far removed from these areas. Perhaps it’s the same in Lebanon – it’s a large-ish country, and if you are somewhere unaffected, it may be more prudent to wait out the conflict instead of being trapped trying to escape across a border.

  4. mooochrex: lebanon is tiny compared to Thailand! So they cant really avoid any of the hits.

    Cyber: wish they could make it there!

  5. people are foolish…muslim…xtian…hindu…jews..budhists…this…that…. I think people doing these kinda terry acts belong to no religion…their are “butchists”…

  6. Oh, marzouq!! Alhamdullilah. I am happy to hear your family made out safely! Inshallah all of our families will.

  7. El7emdillah :)
    Garrat 3ainek bro.

    Allah Ya7fe’6 ElJamee3 Enshallah
    wYhawen 3alaihom Azmat’hom

  8. man.. if they need any help in jordan, msg me i’ll give u my #

  9. Laialy: inshalla!

    Cyber: i agree

    Grenadine: inshalla every family gets out unharmed

    FilmGirl: ib wayh nabeeyich! alah esalhil 3alaihum inshalla

    Moey: thanks Moey! appreciate the help!

  10. Cute UAE

    ALLAH irid eljameeeeeeeee3 bsalameh wu issallim ghaleeeeeeeek ya rab!
    ALLAH yin9ir elmujahdeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen fi kil mkaaaan! ameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!!!! :)

  11. Cute UAE: you were shouting werent you! LOL! inshalla!

  12. Cute UAE

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Co0lz! U’r beginning to translate my expressions well! That’s a good start! :P

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