Late Night Ride


I wont bore you guys too much with the details of the day, but lets just say that it took up a certain amount of time. And I decided ealier in the day that I wanted to ride, I dont care what happens or what I do.. I want to ride!

So I ended up having to do a few family things, and I knew I was tired. After I was done with all my family deeds, I went and got a quick hair cut.. simple razor to the head, and a nice shave getting my goatee in order. Which was done pretty quick! And I was happy with the results, so I raced home from Salmiya. And I parked the car, and I was looking forward to trying some new gear. It was 9:50pm! And my goal was to be home by 11:00pm so I had a decent amount of time to ride.

I tried the new gear on! New helmet, New Jacket, and a pair of pants I havent worn before! And It was snug! Just right! I felt completely protect! and you can the armor in the shoulders, elbows, back, thighs, and knees! Black to from head to toe! My camera wasnt charged so I couldnt take any pics, but I will next time! I haven been riding for three weeks! So it felt good to ride! and I went from Miseela to the first ring road and then back down the airport road to home while circumnavigating traffic! hehehe! I have to say that many people were moving out of the way, so I was happy about that! The only two close calls I had were for some odd reason with women in hijaab and both in Toyota Prados, so I was staying away from every prado after that! But it felt good, getting more and more comfortable in the new gear and getting back into my rythem! And I needed this to unwind and clear my head!

I got home, parked Robo downstairs after a stellar performance! I was smiling a lot while riding under that helmet! I think people will think this new gear matchs the look of the bike a lot more then what I wore before, but I will keep wearing what I had before! I took the gear off, and jumped into a cool shower! Damn that felt good! After that my body felt like Jello and Im hitting the sac!

Take a Note: Need to Ride more!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Mini Я: In Kuwait the one you see in the picture, BMW K1200R. You got a bike?

  2. Imma have my own ride today in my Diablo :P

  3. LOL Its funny how one would thikn of a Lamborghini Diablo when readinng that LOL!

  4. SOunds wonderful and the weather seems to have gotten just a tiny bit better too at night… You must roast in your gear though!
    I always stay WELL AWAY from anyone on a bike when I am driving…so it wasn’t me in the Prado :P

  5. Jackie: I know .. when you keep writing Diablo! lol

    Jewaira: I do roast, but I would perfer to roast then get hurt! lol! hahhaahahaha! Sorry Jewaira not pointing fingers.. but sometimes women just are careless when they driving oblivious to the other traffic! But it was a damn nice ride!

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