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The one thing I cant get enough is getting more bike gear! I think I should cool off a little bit but this damn Helmet looks so freaking cool! Its the new HJC AC-12 Carbon Fiber Helmet.

Its lighter the other helmets because its carbon fiber, but it provides the same amount of protection. HJC does make some really good quality helmets. The only thing I dont like about their helmets is the feeling of the inside liner. But it depends which line of theirs of course. But still this helmet looks freaking cool made out of highquality carbon fiber, and witha black visor it would look great!


I still gotta make posts of my Scorpion helmet that I just got, but I was just looking at this one! The other good part of this product that it isnt extremely expensive compared to other Carbon Fiber helmets (BMW). The BMW helmet costs 400 KD ($1500.00), and thats pretty damn expensive. This helmet costs 130 KD ($420.00) which isnt bad at all, Arai’s Corsair range go for 200KD.

I love bike gear! Cant get enough!

Link: webBikeWorld

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  1. Mark: I knew you would like it!

    Stallion: Its nice, but I dont think I will get it before trying it on. I didnt get my Scorpion helmet without trying it on first. And secondly the lining(interior) of the helmet has to be nice and comfortable.. so i will check it out next time I go to the states. For right now I dont think I will!

  2. Carbon Viper Helmets thats nice, makes your head cool ;)

  3. Bandit1200S

    Just got mine from an online dealer in Utah for less than $300 shipped (details below). I read somewhere that this helmet is a “loss leader” for HJC which means they want to up thier brand a notch or two. To do so they build a great helmet and take a loss when they sell it building buzz and boosting rep on every salet. (This usually means they’ll be in limited supply also).

    Based on the webbikeworld review and in-store try on I ordered one size larger than normal. I usually get an XL, but for the Carbon AC-12 I got XXL. Helmet fits perfectly, nuff said! The look of the helmet is exactly as advertised: modern, sleek and tailored.

    Today was first ride. There seems to be a good flow of air over the inside of the visor, but overall the helmet seemed noisy. Doesn’t matter because I wear earplugs or earbuds all of the time. The interior padding seems less plush than my Shoei Z-II. It looks badazz futuristic. I’m assuming that maybe in the future everyone wears earplugs.

    It is really light though! I definitely felt the difference in my neck after the ride home into 20-25 mile an hour wind. Did I mention it looks good too? It seems sleek enough to cut through the Oklahoma headwind without buffeting too.

    The venting seemed adequate, but the only true test is 100 degree plus days. Thank god those dog days are over round her (for the time being we had 35 out of 40 over 100 this summer). I’ll give it some good break-in and see if performance meets up to the styling and construction. Gotta say I’m impressed overall thusfar.

    I bought the helmet here (, but you have to call them to get the $279 price. Shipping was $20. They had some website issues and there was no tracking information, but they didn’t charge my card. I figured if I got it, I got it. It took about 10 or 11 days, of wondering/worrying but it eventually arrived well-packed.

    Here’s the updated review I found at

  4. Bandit1200S

    HaHa, I just noticed where you are from. I’m sure my comments about 100 degree Farenheit days are funny/lame, but it usually isn’t that hot here for that long in Oklahoma/USA. It is very humid too which makes it worse on this whiteboy. I’m sure it is much hotter in Kuwait!

    We have both extremes of heat/cold. In the winter here it gets below freezing alot (often with a strong wind). I’ve ridden many times when it was at the freezing point, but my nordic blood can’t handle too much heat since I ride with full leathers.

    Keep the rubber side down!

    Best Regards.

  5. SWOS

    I love HJC , i used to have an off-road one a few months ago for my XR650R
    and it was really comfy, i also just got the HJC FS-10 (Solid Black) yesterday from
    Honda also, its amazing for a road helmet, it has everything a rider needs like
    vents,leather inner padding,an internal visor (shades) which u can use even if
    ur external visor is shut, check it out, for 70KD its really great and also the
    shell is made out of kevlar and fiberglass…also the salesguy (Borhan) gave
    me an additional black visor for free! hmm and it comes with a cool
    carrying HJC case .

  6. SWOS

    Btw they also have a similar Carbon HJC road helmet similar to the one u posted above,if not the same model, i think they only had 1 piece and it was for 120KD before discount, u can checkout the Honda store in Shuwaikh.

  7. SWOS

    i just checked , they have the same model available @ Honda !

  8. zain

    i want to buy this product how can i do that

  9. zain: I think you have to order from the UK or the Kuwait dealer, takes time to get here

  10. BEN


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