Review: Hashi

I went to Hashi the other day with two friends. Its located next to Johnny Rockets above Salhiya parking. We walked in at 6:40pm, and there was just one couple there and the place was empty. We were expecting that since we came early and wanted to leave early. The place is nice, it is dimly lit with modern furniture. You can see the chefs behind their sushi counter.



The menu consists of two cuisines, Japanese and Chinese. We ordered an assortment of sushi and maki rolls, and then we ordered a couple of Chinese dishes. It took a little while for the dishes to come, but we did order a lot of food since we were hungry as hell. When the food came it looked good, just like the dishes out of a magazine.



We started eating and the food just kept coming, but the sushi dishes weren’t good. I had the unagi and some spider roll, and it didn’t taste good. I was surprised it didn’t taste good, but most of the sushis didn’t taste good we were surprised. But the Chinese dishes tasted good, and we were happy about that being good since the sushi didn’t do it us for us. So I wouldn’t go there for Japanese food, but the Chinese was good. By the time we were done we spent about 11KD per person, and I dont think it was worth it at all for the Japanese food, but the Chinese food I would go back for. And I did like that they have Voss water! I really like Voss water, it tastes good and the bottle itself is coolest looking I have seen!
Rating: (seperated into two for the two cuisines)

Japanese Food: r1.0.bmp
Chinese Food: r3.5.bmp

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  1. Nice pics..too bad the japanese wasnt all that..

    The fish plate is really cool.

  2. Damn…do you know any good Japanese resturanants good in Kuwait? I know they are plenty of Chinese but I need to have a good sushi for once in Kuwait *sigh*

  3. Thats so weird I thought HASHI was amazing and I never even tried the Chinese dishes. What Chinese dishes did you try?

    Anyway, if you’re craving good sushi try the new Maki in Marina and the Wasabi in bidi3. (The Wasabi in the HSBC building is getting worse in my opinion.) Of course, if you’re a hardcore sushi fan you can’t go wrong with Sakura (Crown Plaze.)

  4. sexygoba: Chinese was good thought! and yeah their plates are cool..

    FallenAngel: Maki i think is good, and Fusion is good

    ZinZin: sweet and sour chicken, mongolian beef, spring rolls, and some duck! all good! Have you tried Fusion their Sushi is pretty good as well!

  5. im not a fan of sushi
    but i know that Maki`s is one of the best we have in kuwait. when it comes to sushi.

    3laik bl 3afya ;)
    i want to try the water … i might go for the water :p

  6. I heard hashi was bad from a number of people which is why I havent tried it yet. My favorite sushi place is Kei while my least favorite is Sakura.

  7. no3ik: Maki is good, but I think Fusion is better! I recommend you buy the bottle and walk out!

    Mark: My favorite for sushi is Fusion, but I forgot how good Edo was, I probably pass by there sometime in the near future!

  8. Purgatory72

    Maki is not the best, Edo is the best!

  9. I wrote a comment here already but I dont know why it doesnt show. Do you have comment moderation? Anyway my freind called today to ask me to go to fusion and Ive never been but I heard the Chef worked at Nobu and that they have really good sushi with 67eena? I need teriyaki chiken or seafood though. What do you recommend?

  10. Purgatory: Im trying to remember how it was, like I said i will pass by it!

    ZinZin: I see your comment up top! I dont have any comment moderation on! Just talk to Steve! he is the Nobu chef! Really really good! They have a Garden Sushi! I think you will like it! Enjoy!!!

  11. extinct-dodo

    im shocked you didnt take pictures of the graffiti on the walls or the menus :|

  12. I went there tonight. The sushi actually reminded me of Fusion. The califrnia rolls werent bad.

    But still, Maki remains to be my favourite.

  13. extinct: Everybody was weirded out that I was taking pictures! Loool! I was trying to keep it to a minimum! hehehe!

    Delicately Realistic: I need to go Maki again! Havent been there in over a year! hehehe!

  14. Noufa

    could you mention where Fusion is located please?

  15. Noufa:

    Fusion is located in Galleria 2000 Mall, on the first floor opposite Mariam center.

  16. Mariam

    well i think that wasbi is very good!!i always go there eat from it ..

  17. Mariam: well if you enjoy thats important, but overall there are a lot better japanese places in kuwait

  18. i think hashi is one of the best and the food is great, but littile dull for me and it need some kind of action inside for people to come more often.. like a night a club kind of atmospher.. food bit slaty bas mat3oob 3aleh.. ya3ni over all it was worth the visit

    ohh and alson too many cute looking people a round that area which makes it more fun to visit.. lol :-)

  19. Tuna: I go for the food, and it was disappointing really! It should have been soo much better for a place like that!

  20. shabbab guys walla i think a7la sushi is maki weird and bizzare thinngs wasabi was good until maki came out hashi is the best but i hate the place

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