Another Trip Post

OK this has gotten rediculous! our flight was supposed to be on Sri Lanka Airlines to Dubai at 7:11pm! Its 11:15pm right now, and they have just switched us to Olympus airlines at 12:20am which I have no clue what the hell airline that is.. but Im still going!

I want to kick someone’s ass! Im going to get compensation gauranteed! When I thought I was going to board the flight they said someone pressed the boarding button by mistake! So I went back to the lounge!

Sri Lanka Airlines is partly owned and managed by Emirates Airlines! My friend is in a daze! I have the mobile number to the station manager whom I shouted at a bit.. but I shall do more shouting later! When I reach Dubai! On whatever this Olympus airlines is!

Update: Some couple cant get on the flight transfer because they have to continue to other flights… so this honeymooning couple are pissed as hell! Cant blame them, but they cant really shout.. they sound pretty pathetic, they dont know how to argue.

Update II: At this point, we are past the sleepy point and reached the delirious point! We are laughing at random people, and calling random people up on the cell phone! This sucks as a start of a trip! I hope no one goes through this!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. olympus airline is owned by Greece its there national airline and it fucking sucks

  2. Gosh, I’m so sorry you have to go through this. Waiting for airplanes always sucks. Sorry your trip is starting off on a bad note but hopefully things will look better!

  3. ananyah: damn is it that bad!

    Tooomz: I just want to be there! Right now, Im thinking a car would be better! 7 hour drive! Would have been there by now!

  4. Should’ve, could’ve, would’ve…Is the flight there yet?

  5. into lail7een u didnt take off??? (i was in dubai yesterday for the day on business!)

  6. Tooomz: Its 4:17 am Kuwait time and we just got to the hotel!

    MSB: I have meeting in the morning and I want to kill someone! hehehe

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