Quick Trip

Got a quick to trip to dubai for a few days, gonna take a ton of pics!

Going with a friend and hopefully is going to be a good time! A little work during the day, then free time! I want to eat a ton of food, go to a couple of movies, and see the shopping malls! Want to see how much electronics are there now, and I want to go check out the dealerships there!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. u will be back by monday right/

  2. Marzouq you and I know what with the shops, the great movie theatres with stadium seating (and no censorship), the electronic shops, the great restaurants (go get a good steak at “meat company”), dipping in the pools ordering exotic concoctions, etc etc you wont be back anytime soon.

    But have a great time.

  3. eshda3waa mako 3azemah :p

    alaaaaaaah i can imagin a bike ride min ehnii leeeeeeeeeeeh Dubai … it sure would be along ride but a nice one

  4. HELOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! DONT U WANT HANDY TIPS FROM A LOCAL WHO KNOWS THE GOOD STUFF??? AND WHERE u can get ripped off with the prices..and the food and the…….oh my god so many things! ;P


  5. allllaaaaaaaaaaah i love sudden trips!!
    unplanned stuff are always more fun

    so have fun fun fun … and fun fun fun ;p

    take lots of pics and eat eat eat lol i dont think i said anything new to what u already did… but i felt like saying it anyway ;)

    yalllah inshalah to9al bl salamaaaa :)

  6. Mark: I will be there in full gear! And you wont see the helmet you dont like!

    Amer: I will only be gone a couple of days! hehehe!

    Laialy: hehehe! 7ayaach Dubai if you can find a ticket! hehehe! That would be a fast ride with me! Clear roads and boooooom.. Im gone!

    sexygoba: I would appreciate anything you could recommend!

  7. no3ik: yeah.. the sudden trip is fun but the delay isnt that fun! I will take lots of pics! I will stuff myself silly!! Alah esalmich!!

  8. okay.

    Electronics: Down town souq bur DUBAI.
    Moroccon: ALMAZ on the 3rd floor of Harvery NICHS.
    LE MERIDIEN MINA SIYAHI is fun, outdoor bbqs, ect..Good on Fridays
    Lounges, Clubs : Le Mirage, Madinat Jumeirah, Murooj Rotana.

    Tell me what U like or wanna do, I’ll shoot out more recommendations. This is just general! ;?)

  9. sexygoba: whats the downtown souq called? Bur Dubai?
    ok so I will go to ALMAZ in Harvey Nicholas? there is one in Dubai? hehehe! Where are some cool lounges? and anything that plays hip hop? just as an option!

    Jewaira: thank you!

  10. yA IT’s called BurDubai.

    Check out 1) Buddha Bar. If u like Jazz: 2)Jambase. 3) The Rooftop in the Royal Mirage. 4) Boudoir. 5) The Rooftop at TRILOGY in madinat jumeira is chilled!


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