Running Late!

This isnt the best start to a trip. The flight has been delayed two hours. At least we are sitting in the Pearl Lounge waiting for the flight to come in so we can leave already!

It isnt bad, but I wasnt expecting it to be late though! I was looking forward to checking in and passing out!

The one thing that did annoy me but Im happy their flight left are these kids who wouldnt stop screaming, and their parents not doing anything about it! They would keep running around like the damn energizer bunny. I wanted to trip one of them! Im happy their flight wasnt with us! That way I would have to rip what little hair I have on my shaved head!

Update: Plane is preboarding now, and time to go soon!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. aaaawww!! how cute u and ur shaved head ;p

    any ways !! wallah 7asa fek kids can really be annoying
    ur lucky theyre not on the flight!
    so its a good sing really.

    two hours late! u can read abook ;) so cheer.

    o bl salama inshalah..again :)

  2. Another good reason to keep your hair shaved is not to pull it out dring times of stress ;)

    Have a pleasant trip.

  3. no3ik: hehehe Im still late!!!

    Jewaira: Im going to keep it shaved still late!

    extinct: alah esalmich!

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