Shooting Range!

We had a good time there! We shot a couple of different guns! I shot the .45 caliber and it was damn fun!
My friend shot a .40 Caliber and it was revolver with one hell of kick to it, with a sensitive trigger! It felt wanted to jump out of his hand! The .45 Caliber was different, you need to squeeze it all the way to let out the bullet! It was fun as hell! And it felt like a scene from Letal Weapon! The .40 Caliber was so damn loud that even with the ear muffs on I was going deaf! It cost me 5 KD and him 4 KD for 20 bullets each, and you can let the other person shoot no problem.




After finishing our round we went to the rifle range, and we picked the 5.56 Caliber gun because they were out o fthe 7.62. And these Sniper Rifles are damn accurate! I shooting them! 20 KD for 40 bullets between the two of us. And we got there with a lot of people taking shots. Which was fun watching them. When I shoot, I shoot really fast. It takes me 5 mins to shoot 10 bullets. But its maybe because Im used to that Rifle! The funny part is before coming to the this range I’ve never shot any gun before. We spent about an hour and a half there, and we could have been there longer but one of our friends wanted to leave.


The techi giving my friend some pointers, different ways to hold and aim the gun! Great help!


I love this sniper rifle!


I wasnt helping sitting behind him and taunting him! But I didnt forget he had the gun in his hand!


I think this is a good place to enjoy yourself! And the crazy part is seeing the girls that shoot! Some girls love to shoot!

You could take a look at the pricelist to get idea of how you will be spending.

Website: NRCKuwait (The website has music that doesnt stop playing, and no way to stop it unless you mute it)

More Pictures Below


Looking at my bullets getting ready to shoot!


Talk about high risk job, and no .. nobody was shooting!

Getting ready to shoot while the targets are getting changed!



A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. moocherx

    WARNING: don’t piss off Marzouq at the 248am meet…. he’s armed and extremely dangerous.

  2. chr0nik

    lol hes jack bauer dammit ..

  3. chr0nik

    Marzouq, wheres this place ..i wanna shoot ! :D

  4. moocherx: Dont cross Jack Bauer and you will be fine.

    chr0nik: Got the gun, got the ring tone, all thats left is to kill 24 people!!!

  5. chr0nik

    tommorow at the meet ? heheh

  6. chr0nik: 70 are clear but if more show up I may have to clear house!

  7. chr0nik

    lol, ..this shooting range is for members only rite?

  8. chr0nik: no, anyone can go! thats whats cool! And its the best shooting range I have seen! So you and anyone else can go! Try it out you probably enjoy it!

  9. chr0nik

    yea sounds cool, good place to unwind after work.. so even if u never fired a gun they allow u?

  10. chr0nik: yeah. they teach you how to do it, just tell them and they will give you real good pointers and you will get the hang of it in no time. Its good to unwind! I can tell you that!

  11. chr0nik

    sweet..must try out this place , now if only their website would open :/

  12. chr0nik: their website works for me! Just try it again later! Enjoy!

  13. cool !!
    can i have one, coz i still really want to shoot fedo.

  14. moocherx

    do they have the option of putting dishdashas on the targets?

  15. So very very noice! Are we allowed to stick photographs on the face of those target thingies?

    What!? Its safer to vent that way innit? AndMarzouq, were there lotsa chicas there?

  16. the shooting range is cool but just too fucking expensive. i got the Sig 9mm and because i am used to video game style of shooting (ie u shoot like there is no tomorrow) within 2 minutes i had spent KD18 and my shooting experience was like over.

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  18. i had wanted to do this in dubai! we went to jabal 3ali a couple yrs ago and at the time, due to certain laws being reformed, we were only able to practice using rifles & moving objects! that was fun.

    didn’t think i’m manage to hit anything, surprisingly though, i’m pretty good hitting things that r flying AWAY from me. BE WARE! :D

  19. no3ik: lool!

    moocherx: hahaha.. I dont know never asked!

    Jitterbug: You could ask to stick photographs, I dont think they will say no! lol! Sniping there was one, and shooting there were a couple of girls..

    Mark: yeah, it does get expensive, but that is why I get the .45. Its heavy and you have to aim every time, you cant keep shooting it off!

    MSB: LOOOL!!! Try practicing here! There is a competition every monday and friday for amateurs, Im thinking of trying it out one time! I think you shoudl too!

  20. looks like fun

    bss i have a feeling that i wouldn’t try it because i think it scares me .. but i am not sure because i have never seen a gun .. or maybe i don’t remember seeing a gun :/

  21. Hey Marzouk,
    Thanks for sharing that info. I would have simply assumed that something like this is only for members.
    I was a Naval cadet during my college days and shot some serious rifles. Perhaps I should check it out.

  22. OoooooH wow… 7adda shakla wansa!!

    I would like to try, bas i fear guns; i dont think i can hold a real gun ;/

  23. Laialy: I wasnt used to guns before that either, but it shouldnt stop you from trying!

    Caje: You should really check it out! Its pretty cool, and good guns cleaned consistently, and anyone could go!

    Bella: You could easily do it you would be surprised! There are a lot of tech people who can help you, and teach you. You should try it!

  24. we should have held the 248am meetup at the shooting range, although I know holla would be in trouble then lol

  25. Mark: I think he would shoot a couple of people just for good measure! LOL!

  26. you guys are soooooo lucky! They banned handguns in the shooting ranges here in Dubai. I’m so going to this place when I get back. I need to shoot a couple of things to get the anger out of my system… my therapist recommends it :P

    my anger management skills superpass those from adam sandler… hehehehehe

  27. Rajesh Gandhi

    dear sir,

    just wanted to know if archery can be practised at the range. i am an archer from India and wanted to practice.

  28. Rajesh: Its a rifle and gun range, but the equestrian club on the same street has archery if Im not mistaken. But I know there is archery in Kuwait, but NRC is gun range!

  29. tim: Hey Tim, you don’t need a license you can just go to the range, sign up and start shooting! :)

  30. Brett

    First, gr8 site, still trying to navigate all of the links. Need some help though. Could really use a vacuum that has a bag and can decently get pet hair off the rugs, have gone through 2 already. Found the Sears in Farwaniya, but they had no vacuums whatsoever and Sears stateside is of no help in finding Kenmore suppliers anywhere in the area.

  31. Brett: Thanks, but I honestly don’t know where to get vacuuming equipment!

  32. Rajesh

    The Google search says that there is a National Archery centre in the Hunting & Equestrtain Club. Can you pleasefind out and let me know? They all speak arabic there and I cannot understand.
    email – [email protected]


  33. Gareth

    Can ask a silly question? Whats the address of this place?

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