Review: Superman


Im not going to ruin the story for anyone who reads this. But I have to say that this is a very well done movie. Some people didnt like it because it didnt have enough action and they wanted to see more. I have to take my hat off to the director, producer, and everybody who did work on it. Because they stuck to the orignal story line! Since I used to be a comic fanatic I understand how they did this movie. They did justice to the Superman legacy. I really recommend this movie, because the storyline is original and the acting was great. It is really worth seeing, and I just felt good about watching this movie.

Link: IMDB

Rating: r4.51.bmp

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  1. moocherx

    I saw this last month in Bangkok and it’s great.
    The actor has a similar on-screen presence to Christopher Reeve, but Parker Posey totally should have played Lois not Kitty.
    Spacey was awesome, so now I don’t mind if people say I look like (a younger version! of) him.

  2. I thought is was an incredible movie

  3. moocherx: I agree the guy looks and feels like Christopher Reeve!

    Fonzy: totally agreed!

  4. movie was good. i’m going again next weekend to watch it in an IMAX theater… that should be cool :)

    and on my way… will be the Miami Vice stopover.

    i’ll tell you how that goes

  5. Fats

    I really loved the movie.Superman has always been one of my favourite comic characters.

  6. princess: I cant wait to watch Miami Vice!

    Fats: I really liked this movie they did Superman justice!

  7. I was never a Superman fanatice but I certainly enjoyed this film

  8. jewaira: Im a comic fanatic, so I was really impressed with the movie!

  9. I really enjoyed the movie sooooooooo much bas i thing got on my nerves. Why doesnt Luis ever get hurt. She gets tossed in the plane, the dooor slams on her head, and so on. Not once, did she get a burse or a scartch! Bas 7aram pooor Superman who is ‘man of steel’ get hurts!! Where is the justice ppl!!!

    See where im going ;)

  10. Bella: I know what you mean, but Lois was pissed at Superman, and drove me nuts that he got hurt. But the man steel always pulls through!

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