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So I was feeling like an Adam Sandler movie, and I thought this might be funny. It was too far off though! It isnt the typical Adam Sandler stuff, and it had a bit of deeper meaning to it, but I like the movie. Its basically about him having a remote control which can turn your life into a dvd where you can fast forward through things and go back as well. And you can also go to the menu and see the special features of your life which is pretty cool. If you want to watch a movie just for a nice laugh nothing too comical then I recommend this movie, but if your not a fan of Adam Sandler then dont watch this movie. And Kate Bechinsale is rediculously hot! I was going to give this movie a 2.5 out of 5, but because she is in Im giving it a 3 out of 5.

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  1. I love Adam Sandler, all his movies are funny, especially Anger Management with Jack Nicholsan. And this movie is a must see movie. Just the idea of having this kinda remote is something everyone has thought of at one time, im sure i did.

  2. Hey guys, I’m paying $1,000,000 reward to whoever gets me that remote … The rat race starts NOW! :P

  3. :: There was a “rain scene” he was running to his family. humm, I liked it and i was about to cry !

  4. chr0nik

    The scene where hes dying n hes tryin to lift his trembling arm to give the finger to the dude with the speedos hehehe

  5. I was reading the comments, and went “Aw, don’t ruin it!” Good review, I need to watch that movie now.

  6. guys don’t burn the movie with ur comments :( i wanna watch it
    love adam sandler

  7. Fonzy: I love anger managment and Waterboy!!! His movies make me laugh too! But this one wasnt as funny as I would have liked it!

    Cuteberry: loooool! (gets on bike, and goes)

    Frankom: hehehe.. yeah it got to me too, but like chr0nik said..

    Chr0nik: I was laughing my ass off! Now thats adam sandler!

    transparently: I will put a warning, not to read the comments there might be spoilers! lol!

  8. okay… so should i or shouldnt i? I mean, I’m a huge Sandler fan… but everyone is giving it 1/2 star reviews…

    Should I just sit at home and continue on with my Sex & the City Drama?

  9. princess: watch sex and the city, then watch click after that! its good but sandler has done better

  10. chr0nik

    lol when he pauses hasselhoff, slaps him left,rite n then farts in his face..this sandwich taste like shit lol hehe.. :p
    I like little nicky ,happy gilmore & waterboy

  11. chr0nik: I loved that part! Hasselhof looked like a real idiot! I was laughing my ass off!

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