Damn It!

I got a call in the morning just as I was getting up, it was a family thing. And finished with that early. Then I headed over to work to finish up a lot of paperwork! And things have gotten more and more piled up by the minute! On the way here I looked down and found that my sun glasses lost one side of it!

It was damn sunny outside and I couldnt wear the damn sunglasses! But I decided to wear since it was so sunny, even though it was lopsided! Now Im pissed that my glasses broke! its one of those glasses which have a spring to the arms so its not exactly attached! So it might have flown off this morning, I knew I heard something but I wasnt sure what it was!

Time to look for new sun glass, and I hate the huge BUG EYED sunglasses that everyone wears!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Jewaira

    There there there, everything will be alright :)

  2. Jewaira: I know but it was my sun glasses! hehehe!

  3. Nash

    It just turns out to be a bad day sumtimes..take a chill!!..

  4. Nash: hehehe! I’ve been chillin the rest of the day! Too much during the day! hehehe

  5. Dude .. ur a biker :D .. get an Oakley … i have been wearing the Oakley Half wire model .. it is freakin awesome man … light, doesn’t break or bend .. it has gone with me everywhere, the mountain, the beach in the sea/pool … and at night some lense cleaning spray/using the supplmented cleaning cloth and they look the same as the day i bought them.

  6. fractal: for some reason, Oakleys just do not look right on me! I really dont know why! I have tried multiple times, but the way they wrap around just looks weird on me! hehehe

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